Top Secret iPhone Tips and Tricks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Did you recently switch to an iPhone? Or maybe you’ve used an iPhone for years? Either way, there’s a few hidden tips and tricks to discover! But if you don’t have time to search for them, here’s the best tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your iPhone:

1.     Listen to Your Emails

If you want to listen to your emails, you can simply tell Siri, “read my email,” and she’ll tell you the sender’s name, the subject line, and the date/time of the message before reading the actual message out loud. If you’re not interested in hearing all of your emails, tell Siri to “read my latest email.”

2.     View Timestamps on iMessages

Do you ever find it annoying that there’s no timestamps on your texts? Sometimes it’s helpful to know what time a message was sent or received. There’s an easy way to find out: go to your text messages and drag the message bubbles to the left.

3.     Use a Letter Passcode

Interested in using a letter passcode instead of a number passcode? Go to Settings, General, Passcode Lock, then turn the “simple passcode” option off. Once you’ve done this, your iPhone will prompt you to create a new passcode with letters.

4.     Discover Planes Above You

This is one of those interesting but rarely useful tricks. Say “Planes overhead” to Siri, in order to view a chart detailing all the planes above you. The chart will include flight numbers, altitudes, and angles.

5.     Turn Caps Lock On

Tired of pressing the shift key multiple times to write a word in uppercase letters? It’s actually very simple to turn caps lock on. First, go to Settings, General, Keyboard, and enable Caps Lock. Then double tap the shift key.

6.     Use the Hidden Level

If you need a level, use the hidden one in your iPhone. Go to the Compass app, swipe left, and you’ve got a handy level to ensure your artwork is hung up perfectly straight.

7.     Activate “Burst” Mode for Photos

Activate “burst” mode to help you get the perfect shot. The “burst” mode enables you to capture photos in a series, then save them to your album.

8.     Press the Volume Button to Take Photos

It can be awkward to press the circle button while taking a photo. Instead, use the “up” volume button to take photos.

9.     Charge Your iPhone Quickly

Sometimes you’re in a rush and you need to charge your phone quickly. If this sounds familiar, charge your iPhone in airplane mode.

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