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Technology movements making waves in your industry

Moving to the Cloud

Is Your Data Secure in the Cloud?

Cloud computing has taken the business world by storm, pun intended. Thousands of corporations across every industry are using Cloud-based platforms to store and process their company and client data. What these companies don’t realize, however, is just how easy these platforms are for cyber attackers to penetrate — getting a hold of a staff email listed on a company’s website and cracking an account password are all it takes for your information to fall into the wrong hands. By implementing a second identity verification step, a strategy known as multi-factor authentication or MFA, will not only prevent data breaches, but also alert you to unusual login activity.

Who is Backing Up Your Data in the Cloud?

Today, Office 365 is one of the major productivity platforms companies use to create and manage documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Here’s the catch: not all platforms like this will automatically backup you data. Typically, businesses need to pay an additional fee to a third-party source for automatic backup functionality. Knowing how your Cloud providers are backing up your information — and reaching out to them if your data isn’t backed up — is essential.

Advancing Cybersecurity

Protect Your Network from the Latest Threats

For years, businesses treated firewall security as a set-and-forget tool, plugging in a standard Network Box Firewall and skipping the custom configurations before connecting to the Internet. With the constant evolution of cyber threats, 24/7 management by cybersecurity professionals is needed to ensure your firewall and other defensive measures are able to keep up with attacker trends, and keep out deadly malware.

Preparing for Business Interruption

Build Your Business Continuity Plan Today in Preparation for Tomorrow

In a worst-case scenario, having a backup disaster recovery plan in place for your business is crucial in ensuring that your company is able to continue business as usual, throughout even the most difficult situations. Some of the easiest measures to take, like having a backup Internet service provider and regularly testing data backups, can make the difference between continuing business as usual and watching your company capsize.

Understanding Regulatory Compliance

Get Professional Advice on Technology and Their Regulations

Local, state, federal and international business security regulations are constantly changing, making it challenging for companies to pinpoint which regulations they need to comply with. In fact, these regulations typically change every six to nine months, making it tough to keep pace. Don’t risk your business’s compliance with these ever-changing regulations to a run-of-the-mill information security program — you need an IT and security partner with experience regarding both legal and technological regulation compliance, like Integris.

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