Understanding the Internet of Things


January 2, 2023

Technology is now more enmeshed in our daily lives, and internet connectivity is vital to most businesses. According to Gartner, Inc, a technology research organization, nearly 26 billion devices were connected to the Internet of Things as of 2020. As an IT service provider, it’s our job to guide you on how your business can best approach the ever changing online landscape.

If you don’t completely understand what makes up the Internet of Things, you can’t adequately protect your business from the security vulnerabilities brought along with it. Thankfully, you don’t have to go this path alone. Blue Jean Networks is here to help ease your transition into the new age of technology.


What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

And what does it mean for your business?

Gartner’s IT glossary states that the Internet of Things is “the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.” In other words, devices that can connect to the internet will eventually be able to influence both themselves and the environment around them by using their internet connection.

It’s vital that you’re able to deal with the avalanche of new devices that could work across your network. But, will these devices present a viable threat to your business? Unfortunately, there’s a possibility they will, and ensuring your business takes steps to protect itself is essential.


Protect Your Business’s Network Security

More devices mean more network access points.

There’s no argument when it comes to network security; keeping your infrastructure secure should be at the top of your priority list, regardless of whether the Internet of Things poses a viable threat. This involves keeping your operating systems up to date and patching known vulnerabilities in your applications.

However, the main problem with network security in the age of the IoT can be attributed mainly to the number of devices connecting to the Internet, namely, your business’s network. Will it be ready to deal with more connected devices? Have you taken measures to protect your network from unauthorized access? Integris can equip your business with our Unified Threat Management device, designed to protect your network from various threats and vulnerabilities.


Reinforce Your BYOD Strategy

Adopt mobile security best practices.

Maximizing your network security will only get you so far in the battle against threats the IoT might bring. With more devices connecting to the Internet, your employees will probably bring more technology to the office. Therefore, you must emphasize the importance of proper security procedures to minimize vulnerable access points.

Integris’ mobile device management solution can help your business distinguish good applications from bad ones. We can also limit which applications have access to sensitive or confidential data, which might be found on personal or work devices. It’s an ideal solution to augment your current BYOD policy if you have one in place.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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