Using Data Analytics Tools to Manage Your Backups


Too much data makes it hard to choose: what records and files are essential for business continuity? Here’s why using data analytics tools to manage your backups will make it easy to create an efficient Business Continuity Plan.


Too Much of a Good Thing?

There is a time when too much of a good thing is just…bad. Your 9th chocolate chip cookie? Probably a bad idea. Eating an entire pizza by yourself? Definitely a bad idea. Having too much data? Not a bad idea, but it can certainly affect your Business Continuity Plan.

Many organizations with oodles of files simply can’t afford to bankroll backups for the entire book of data. The answer to structuring your backup plan to incorporate only the critical files you need for your business’ recovery is analytics tools. The truth is, with estimated costs of a professional data recovery technician ranging from $100 to $300, you’d better have your priorities straight before the IT techs walk through the door.

Analytics tools can sort your data quickly and affordably, especially when you work with an experienced IT professional for solutions that fit the unique needs of your small to medium-sized business. Integris is a leader in the MSP industry with strategies and solutions for sorting and prioritizing your data. Our solutions include multiple daily data backup for your critical files, making it easy to create a reliable Business Continuity Plan.


Analytics Tools to Manage Your Backups

Integris uses sophisticated analytics tools to manage your backups, sort your data, and prioritize your files. Using these findings, we can understand what data and files are critical for inclusion in a Business Continuity Plan. This essentially guarantees that the right data is safe in the face of a natural disaster, eliminating needless unplanned downtime when you need to get back in business as quickly as possible.

Using analytics tools to manage your backups means an increase in efficiency as well as a decrease in your overall backup costs. Analytics tools work side-by-side with your existing backup solutions by creating a map for what to save first, second and so on. By prioritizing your data, you have a more complete picture of data that is critical to be saved and what your company could do without, if necessary, for a speedy recovery.


Integris: Free Audit to Assess Your Business Continuity Plan

At Integris, we have the solutions that small to medium-sized businesses need for disaster recovery, including using data analytics tools to manage your backups. We’re ready to assess your plans and create a customized plan that suits your needs, not some cookie-cutter boxed solution that may leave important data on the wrong side of your Business Continuity Plan. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and see how we can help you design the perfect BCP for your business.

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