What can your business expect from Windows 8


October 18, 2012

Windows 8 from Microsoft is without a doubt, a big gamble. The software giant finally released the Windows 8 to PC manufacturing on August 1, 2012, and the final build was also made available in TechNet or MSDN for download. People can instantly see a number of surprises in this new OS, both positive and negative.

According to the majority of reviews, Windows 8 is more suitable for tablet or touch computing.  Although such a strategic shift was a must for Microsoft to enter the ever expanding tablet market, it might also have complaints from loyal desktop users. Hardware is another issue for users that might be a turn off. Yet, Microsoft made some good efforts to address these issues in their final version.

The updated interface of Windows 8, formerly known as Metro, is now larger and some of the icons have been redesigned as well. The startup of Windows 8 is faster and makes it a winner against iPad. The Start screen comes with live tiles that can automatically update with app info such as weather, arriving emails, news items and stock tickers. In addition, the OS also makes synchronizing Internet Explorer favorites, personalization preferences, and Wi-Fi passwords an easy process with a single Microsoft account sign in. In addition, it has improved battery life for laptops and tablets, faster graphics and text performance along with faster Wi-Fi reconnect time. Internet Explorer 10 also seems faster and supports HTML5 standards.

There is a new App store for Windows 8. From this, you can download and install new apps in multiple devices with a single user account.  You will also get the scope to connect with other apps for services like email or social network updating. Besides that, you will get new file folder window choices and a complete new task manager as well. Another feature, the trusted boot is also a noteworthy improvement in Windows 8 that can prevent malware from loading before the OS. Hence, the security is much stronger in Windows 8 compared to previous versions.

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