What is protecting your Baltimore-Washington DC Metro Area business?


April 22, 2013

Savvy Baltimore – Washington DC Metro Area business owners understand the importance of installing a great alarm system monitored by a team of professionals. When a burglar attempts to break into a business, the alarm sounds and the authorities are notified. Common sense, right?

However, what about your computer network security? Do you have the same level of threat protection on your computer network as you do with your office security? You need to lock the door and have an alarm on your network as well.

Did you know   sophisticated criminals will try to break into your business network versus trying to steal your servers or computers? They can do just as much damage without physically touching a thing. Data   thefts go undetected simply because a business fails to invest in the right information technology (IT)  security and, trust me, hackers do not care what type of business you own, they just want to break into that business.

First you need to lock your door. Your business must invest in a best  network firewall to protect your business data, trade secrets, customer lists and accounting information. Without a state-of-the-art firewall solution, a hacker can break in and steal all of your critical, as well as confidential, information. Often, you will never even know the breach occurred.

One certain thing  is the threats are becoming more  sophisticated each day. We recommend having our team of technology security specialists working with you to ensure your business has the best security available.

Our IT security services offer your business the following:

24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

Just like the alarm company you hired to protect your physical office, our team monitors and   alerts you when any threat hits your business network. Our managed IT security services become your cyber guardian, protecting your business. We ensure your anti-virus software gets  updated when necessary and  updated when we detect any threats.  We also ensure your firewalls are kept up to date and continuously monitored.

Certified IT Security Experts

Your business will have a team of IT security experts at your command. We make sure that nothing penetrates your defenses. We are on the look out for hacking attempts, phishing, virus activity and even spam designed to install malicious software. You can rest easy knowing a team of certified IT experts are working for you.

Full Accountability

Our team of IT security experts will only be accountable to you. We offer several different kinds of   reports and any threats or attempted breaches get reported to you immediately. We  ensure that any future security vulnerabilities get addressed and new technologies installed.  We make sure you receive all the  steps  needed to continue, ensuring the safety of your business technologies.

Interested in speaking with our team of Baltimore – Washington DC Metro Area IT security specialists? You can contact  us today to book a no obligation network security discussion and start understanding what threats can impact your business. We are here to help eliminate your technology security worries.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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