What’s Your Landline Really Costing You?


October 7, 2021

The Business Opportunities that Come with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and How You Can Make It Pay Off Big for Your Company

By Nick Nyberg, VP, Partner at Integris

It’s a remote and remote/hybrid workplace out there. If you’re still running landlines to traditional phones at your office, you’re probably wasting money. VoIP could take your company to a whole new level.

Is that a bold statement? Maybe. But it also happens to be true. In nearly every case, clients who’ve switched from landlines to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) have been shocked not just by the money they save, but by the new features, control and connectivity they gain.

So if you’re on the fence, wondering whether the switch to VoIP is right for your business, let me walk you through what some of our other clients have experienced. Because the switch to VOIP may be a lot easier, and far more beneficial than you think. Your landline could be limiting your business in ways you’ve not stopped to consider.

What is your landline really costing you? In my opinion, the opportunity to take your network to move your company forward. Here’s what your company stands to gain when you make the switch to VoIP.

How VoIP Can Benefit Your Business

VoIP Can Save You Money, and Optimize Your Network

Instead of having POTS Landlines snaking throughout your office from desk to desk, you can have one set of wires and a wifi-system that’s configured for speed. Instead of paying high monthly fees for phone service, you’re generally paying a much smaller fee to do your phone over internet.

Many clients often have reservations about putting their voice network over the Internet, which can be prone to skips and disruptions that come from the packets of voice data traveling over the line. But in enterprise settings, we can create networking solutions that will fix that problem. By patching a secondary internet line to your existing internet system, we can optimize the data flowing through your network. To put it simply, a VoIP system allows us to section off parts of the network to allow heavy traffic, or create surge capacity for things like company wide streaming meetings, or the like.

This is a capability landline systems can’t do as well. But by thinking about your voice traffic as part of one big data streaming environment, you can ensure that large data needs are met, and you don’t have capacity that’s going to waste. When all your data streams are merged into one, it’s much easier to right-size your data capacity based on your actual daily usage.

Cutting the Landline Can Improve Your Connectivity for Remote Workers

VoIP can do so much more than just carry your voice traffic. Because it runs over the internet, it allows for video calling, call forwarding to mobile devices, and, thanks to corporate VoIP apps, the ability to ride your secure corporate phone network over your employee’s BYOD mobile tablets and phones.

These services are a huge advantage to companies who have employees who work remotely. It allows them to stay connected no matter where they are, and fully access the network in a way that seamless to the end user. In this new interconnected, work anywhere era, this kind of power is quickly moving from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have for many of our clients.

VoIP Offers Easy Backups

With VoIP, a company can easily record and backup voice calls. And, in the event of an outage or interruption of service, we can back up your internet with a secondary service that will kick it back on. Now that we have cloud based backups and more sophisticated networking options, the more secure option is, most often, in the cloud.

Internet Enabled Phones Offer Scalable Systems with Better Administration

When you run a landline-based phone system, you pay for your line and your service in big chunks. But a VoIP system is billed out by the user. If your workforce is flexing down due to remote work, or staff cuts, your VoIP charges flex down with it. This allows you to make responsive changes to your your network that can immediately impact your bottom line. Even better, you can administrate all that from one convenient dashboard that lets you add and subtract users. The dashboard also allows you to see exactly how your data is being used, so you can predict trends and adjust your resources accordingly.

Features You Only Get With VoIP Systems

Now that I’ve explained some of the “big” benefits of VoIP, let’s talk about the smaller ones. Because taken together, they add up to a lot of functionality. Having a VoIP system opens your capabilities up tremendously, allowing you to enjoy features like:

  • mobile soft phones that connect to your network as well as a desk phone
  • integrated fax
  • HIPAA-compliant phone and video calling features
  • text to voice translation, and vice versa
  • voice to email translation
  • Vv

And so much more. Now do you see what an opportunity VoIP can be for your business? If you’re thinking about taking the modern workplace journey to VoIP, Iconic can help you get your arms around the comprehensive strategy to do it.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

Check out our latest blogs on VoIP Security, and VoIP Pros and Cons. And try downloading our latest report on the Modern Workplace Journey. It will help you understand all the issues involved in taking your business to the Cloud, and VoIP is an important part of that. And as always, if you’re interested in VoIP, contact us. We’d love to help you take advantage of all this terrific technology has to offer!

Nick Nyberg served as VP of Sales for Integris. He co-founded Live Consulting in 2003.

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