Which Practice Management Software Is Right For Your Law Firm?


March 10, 2020

Clio For Baltimore Law Firms: Questions and Answers

If you want to compete in today’s technology-driven environment you need up-to-date software solutions. For attorneys this includes practice management software. But it can be difficult when trying to decide which one to choose. This is when you need an IT consultant who can help you ask the right questions and find answers for them – One who can help you find the practice management software that best fits your needs.

Attorney In Baltimore Law Firm Researching Practice Management Software

Would Clio Be Right For Your Firm? Here’s What We Know:

Clio reports that they are the most widely used legal practice management software with 150,000 users in 90 countries. Let’s find out why it’s so popular.

What Features Are Included In Clio?

Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management solution that’s designed for solo practices and small law firms.

It includes features for:

  • Matter Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Trust Accounting
  • Billing
  • Client Payment
  • Legal Accounting
  • Document Management
  • Legal Research
  • Calendar
  • Lead Tracking
  • Mobile Apps
  • App Directory
  • Bank Grade Security
  • Award-winning Support

Clio is designed for:

  • Administrative Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Business Formation and Compliance Law
  • Civil Litigation Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Elder Law
  • Employment/Labor Law
  • Family Law
  • Government Law
  • Immigration Law
  • In-House Counsel
  • Intellectual Property
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Will and Estates Law
  • Other Areas of Law

Can You Integrate Clio With Other Applications?

Add functionality to Clio through its extensive App Directory and open API (Application Programming Interface). It integrates with an extensive list of applications.

Clio took this integration to another level, essentially making it a technology platform that you can build your law practice systems on. Clio can be the foundation for everything that you do.

Why Do Law Firms Like Clio?

Easy Time Tracking

Clio’s Timekeeper helps you track important deadlines and manage your cases, documents, billing and collections. Plus, you can access your data in Clio via your desktop or mobile devices, including iOS and Android phones.

Manage tasks by the day, week or month, and track your billables as well. A user-friendly practice dashboard and secure client portal help you stay on top of your billable hour goals and if you’re meeting them. You can also access this data via email.

Start time tracking from any screen and capture your work in real-time so it’s always logged accurately for billing. Pause the timer and start it later –Timekeeper picks up where you left off.

Log time entries from your calendar events, communication logs, activity updates, and more, to make sure every task gets accounted for — and get firm-wide reports on all of your time entries at any time.

Assign tasks to your team, link them to specific issues, and gain insight into their progress and productivity. Create a task, assign a task to other people, even maintain connections with your clients using Clio.

And with Clio’s mobile app for iOS and Android, you can capture time from your mobile devices. For Android users, Clio offers a dedicated Timekeeper widget, so you can quickly start a timer from your device’s home screen.

Easy Invoicing

Send e-bills via email or from your secure client portal so clients can pay you instantly. Invoicing with Clio is simple, and pairing billing with LawPay makes it easy for you to get paid online via credit card.

Set up automated payment plans to ensure regular collections. When a payment is received, Clio will automatically update the status of any affected bills and accounts—your records remain up-to-date at all times.

Clio Payments lets you receive payments to either a client’s trust or operating account. You can track bills and trust balances at a glance and set and track goals for your billable time.

Seamless Web-Based Document Management

Stay linked to your cases with an electronic filing system that stores, tracks and manages all of your legal documents. Benefit from no more piles of paper and files that clutter your desk. Clio’s legal document management program keeps your files secure, easy to access and helps you meet compliance for long-term storage. Plus, you can access your documents from any computer or mobile device.

  • You’ll have unlimited storage for any file type, including text, image, audio, and video.
  • Search documents by title, or filter and sort them by category, author, and date within each of your matters.
  • Edit any file type with a single click in the editing software used by your firm.
  • Save updated documents to matter folders with automatic sync, and track time-stamped versions and creators.
  • Share information easily with your team while keeping control over your case documents.

Easy Matter Management

Clio helps you manage details of your cases from a single dashboard. You can link every contact, event, task, communication, and time entry to the appropriate matter—and add notes you can share with your staff.

Matter management stays consistent with Custom Fields for your most important case details. Use Custom Fields for searching and pulling case information when creating new documents.

You’ll also have transparency for every new case development. Clio’s Firm Feed tracks every matter update, so you can see who made what change, and when. See new time entries, document uploads, and more, so you’ll be top of every detail as it occurs.

The list of positives and raving reviews for Clio goes on and on. As a trusted IT consultant for attorneys, we can help you ask the right questions and find the right practice management software and IT solutions that work best for your firm.

For more information about using Clio or other types of legal software, contact Integris in Owings Mills, Maryland.

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