Who owns the cloud service your Baltimore – Washington DC business runs?


March 28, 2013

Recently Google, the online search powerhouse announced that it was shutting down their Google Reader program, a popular online RSS reader. Now, this cloud service shutdown may not impact your business directly but it is a reminder about how fragile cloud services can be.

Angered and loyal Google Reader users took to online services such as Twitter with trying to save Google Reader with calls to “Save Our Reader.” However it was never anyone’s reader but Google’s and their user’s frustration serves as a reminder of how fragile cloud services can be.

OK Google Reader may not make or break the average Baltimore – Washington DC Metro Area business but what happens if a service provider changes strategy midstream?

This was the case with LevelCloud, a popular cloud service sold by many IT service providers in the United States shut down their partner program a few months ago leaving IT providers throughout the country scrambling and scratching their heads with how to deal with the shutdown of a cloud service.  Another glowing example of a cloud service provider changing their minds on the services they deliver and leaving us questioning, who owns the cloud?

The death of Google’s Reader and other services who have shut down their cloud services recently reveals the biggest challenge facing the Internet today. Many business owners fail to commit to making a move to the cloud because of this particular challenge; facing the ability of cloud service companies to shut down their services when they want.

What can the average Baltimore – Washington DC Metro Area business owner do today to make sure they are not one of the next victims of sudden cloud services shutdown?

One easy way is to have a cloud specialist on your trusted team of  Baltimore – Washington DC Metro Area IT advisors. This is what our team can do to help your business. We work with clients to make sure they have the right guidance on what cloud services are best. However for many cloud services, your cloud service subscription is only as strong as the commitment of the vendor and their service level agreement.

We are still your best bet before you invest in any cloud service. Call our  Baltimore – Washington DC Metro Area cloud consultants and arrange a no obligation discussion of what cloud solutions make sense to your business.

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