Why Is Spam Protection Important for Businesses


March 1, 2020

Every morning you go through the same routine. Make the morning coffee, sit down at your desk, and check your emails to start your workday. You give a heavy sigh as you realize that more than half of your emails are spam. You click and delete them, but what’s the point? You are just going to have another onslaught of spam mail throughout the day, and by tomorrow morning, you will begin this process all over again.

What you don’t know is that while spam mail is certainly a nuisance, it can also be hazardous to your business. Some of these spam messages, if accidentally clicked open, can unleash an onslaught of viruses into your computer, putting your system and your business’s sensitive data at risk. There has to be a better way. Luckily there is, and it’s called spam protection. This article goes over the threats that spam brings to your business and why it is important that your business have spam protection in place.

Viruses and Malware

Spam emails are often carriers of larger problems. Viruses and malware are often hidden within a spam email, waiting until someone clicks on them, which opens a technological Pandora’s box. When a virus infects your computer, not only is it difficult to remove, but it can also spread to your business’s entire network. This can slow down your work progress, cause malfunctions within your computers, and put data at risk of being altered, destroyed, or stolen.

Malware can hide within your computer, making it difficult to even realize that there is a problem. While you are working, this malware will be working hard to steal important data, especially sensitive information, to benefit the hacker or creator of the malware.

Malware and viruses are disruptive and can lead to loss of business. It costs money to fix the system and restore its data and network after the attack. All of this takes resources, time, and attention away from your business, which is detrimental to growth.

Loss of Productivity

While your employees spend valuable time carefully sorting out spam emails, your business is taking a major hit in its productivity. This can be almost as harmful as the viruses and malware; your company makes less profit because of time wasted. The solution is stricter filtering software with spam protection.

Spam Protection

Spam protection eliminates spam from your inbox. With stronger and stricter spam filters, these emails will have an extremely difficult time making it into your system.

How Does Spam Protection Work?

Spam protection works by analyzing your system’s emails to determine genuine or malicious files. It will block the threats and allow good emails, so your employees don’t spend time filtering it themselves.

Integris Network’s Spam Protection

By relying on Integris Network’s to provide your business with comprehensive spam protection, you will find that your business’s productivity will increase, giving you room to grow. Help ease your employees, solidify your reputation as a secure business, and say goodbye to the mornings spent sifting through hundreds of spam emails. Integris Network’s professional team of IT specialists can help you secure your system by offering state of the art spam protection software. Contact our team today for more information on your spam protection services! With a system and a team as strong as ours, spam doesn’t stand a chance.

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