Outsourced IT Services: Best For Small Businesses in Austin, Texas


February 28, 2013

In the video above Chris Boyle, CEO of MyITpros, discusses why it is best for small businesses to outsource their IT services. Below is a revised transcript:

Most of MyITpros’ clientele are small businesses like yours without internal IT employees. There are many reasons a managed services provider would be a better selection for a small business than hiring an internal IT person. Firstly, good IT people are very expensive which is why you don’t see too many small businesses with their own IT employee. In Austin, Texas a Senior Systems Engineer makes $70K-100K a year. A small business of 4 to 50 people generally can’t afford even one person on their staff, let alone the number of people who can act as a sufficient IT department.

Secondly, it’s hard to get an all-in-one person who has such an extensive variety of knowledge. One day you may need PC help, the next day you may need server help or firewall help. You need a company that you can trust who knows how to manage an IT department.

Thirdly, this internal employee suddenly has the keys to the kingdom of your business. What if that person gets sick or goes on vacation? What if they quit? What are you going to do?

Most small businesses choose to outsource an IT services provider like MyITpros. We install technology on systems that automatically updates, manages, monitors and alerts us when something goes wrong. For example, when a hard drive of a desktop gets up to about 90 percent full, it can start affecting the operating system and you can have problems. Ten years ago a client would call us up and say “my computer is running very slow” or “it won’t boot up” and we would come out and fix it.

Today we will know if it gets up to 90 percent full because an alert goes into our system and creates a ticket. We’ll call you up and say “Your hard drive is getting full. Do you want us to fix it for you?” Or if you’re on our ProCare services, we’ll just fix it. And if it’s your server and it’s in the middle of the night, it’s going be to fixed when you come in in the morning. So there is no time loss; no break and fix; it just runs.

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