Why Your Business Must Have A Complete IT Security Action Plan.


November 14, 2013

The Situation:  Cyber attacks and computer viruses are becoming increasingly fierce, sophisticated and destructive. Hackers and cybercriminals from inside and outside the U.S are a constant threat to an organization’s IT and communications infrastructure.

The Internet as wonderful as it is can destroy the viability of your technology, and impede or shut down your business operations. You must ensure your IT infrastructure is protected against these threats. Plus, you need to protect your physical IT assets as well. Developing and implementing an IT Security Action Plan with a qualified technology expert is the solution.

How To Proceed: Don’t attempt this without the advice and/or a consult from an IT expert.  It takes all the skill and expertise of a certified Managed Service Provider to help you develop a comprehensive Security Action Plan for your particular organization.

  1. Develop and Implement an IT Security Policy that spells out to your staff, vendors, and clients what steps you will take in the event of a disastrous cyber attack or computer virus. This will give you and them the peace of mind knowing that your data and IT assets will be protected and confidential no matter the circumstance.
  2. Secure IT Systems and Networks so your IT infrastructure is securely constructed maintained and monitored.
  3. Assess the Vulnerability of Programs and implement a risk-management strategy with anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, firewalls and application updates.
  4. Protect and Securely Backup Your Data with encryption techniques, remote and automated backup solutions, and data replication in a safe, off-site location.
  5. Protect Your IT Equipment and Limit Physical Access to IT Devices such as your servers and computers using locking racks, passwords, and other security processes and strategies.
  6. Use Control Measures To Limit Access to Your IT System to Designated Users Only using complex passwords, multi-factor authentication processes, and privilege models with specialized access modes.
  7. Test and Monitor Your Internal and External Systems to Detect Vulnerabilities and Weak Spots with solutions to fix and proactively monitor them for future vulnerabilities.

Conclusion: Human nature is to put off preventive maintenance until a crisis occurs.  But in this instance, an unprotected IT system could hit you where it hurts most—In your bank account. Your IT Network is the backbone of your business.  Think about it —Without a viable IT infrastructure  you certainly wouldn’t be able to compete in today’s technology-driven marketplace.  Without a protected and secure IT network, you’re setting yourself up for failure. By following the seven steps above, you’ll at least know that you’ve done all you can do to protect your business.

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