Why your San Antonio law firm needs managed services


February 22, 2019

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Every company experiences IT pain—whether it’s forgotten passwords, internet downtime or something more serious, such as data loss and security breaches. As an IT provider, MyITpros has seen a certain level of acceptance of these issues among prospective clients, but in truth, your business should never have to compromise service or revenue because of IT pain. When it comes to your law firm, it might be time to partner with a managed service provider to handle the technological responsibilities associated with your environment. Below, we highlight four situations that signal the need for IT support.


One of the most devastating IT scenarios for businesses to experience is downtime, when productivity is halted and more revenue is lost the longer the problem persists. Whether a server failure or an unresponsive software application is to blame, users’ inability to access the data they need can have serious consequences for a company.

Under performing Systems & Applications

While under performing technology is not as severe an issue as downtime, no one enjoys waiting around for something to work—especially not in the legal field, when time is tracked down to the minute. Because law firms tend to be reliant on online software, we’re willing to bet that you often find yourself tapping your fingers at your desk as an application crawls along. When under performing systems and applications are impeding your ability to work, it’s time to consider managed services.

Incorrect integration of LOB applications

Line-of-business applications (e.g. document management systems and cost recovery systems) are of critical value to attorneys, but as the number of LOBs grows, so do the integration challenges tied to these tools. Although these applications need to play nicely with standard horizontal applications such as the Microsoft Office suite or Adobe Creative Cloud, it can sometimes seem like they result in more frustration than efficiency. If this scenario sounds familiar, you know firsthand how hard it can be to straighten out your integration without having the in-depth technical knowledge that a managed service provider can bring to the table.

Security and compliance

Because protecting client data and case information is of the utmost importance to law firms, security and compliance are a top priority. With new threats emerging seemingly every day, security best practices must change rapidly to keep up, which means law firms can easily find themselves falling behind the curve. To further complicate matters, strict compliance measures within the legal field require firms to adhere to state and federal data protection laws—and those that come up short may face harsh penalties in addition to an increased likelihood of data breach. Having an MSP can help you plan and roll out your security measures, achieve and maintain compliance with all applicable regulations, and ultimately stay fully protected.

Running a successful law firm involves unique technology challenges for attorneys and their teams, and no one is better equipped to get ahead of those issues than a managed services provider. As an MSP specializing in the legal field, MyITpros can provide stable IT services that meet your availability, support and cost requirements, enabling you to stay focused on your clients and the work that matters most.

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