How A Windows 10 Upgrade Will Supercharge Your Business Productivity


June 2, 2016

Windows 10 was designed with businesses in mind, to provide greater convenience, connectivity, and ease of use compared to any previous operating system. We know that Windows 8 wasn’t well received by the business world, which is why Windows 10 has undergone some drastic changes.

Here are some of the most exciting new features for your business to consider.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Windows 10 represents a return to the more familiar and popular elements of the Windows 7 user interface. The Start Menu displays your most-used apps and folders, as well as newly downloaded software. You can now arrange the app tiles however you want, with live tiles showing recent updates (such as weather, Facebook posts, news and so on.) Windows 10 also offers some exciting design changes, such as taskbar icons flowing at the bottom when they are opened, snappable windows (ideal for multitasking), and an easier-to-navigate Start Menu.
  • Your Own Personal Assistant: Have you heard of Cortana? She may just be your new best friend. Essentially, Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Siri: you can use it to search for files, pages, and more, helping to streamline work and manage tasks. Cortana is your built-in Windows 10 assistant, ensuring a question never goes unanswered and a file is never lost in the shuffle.
  • Lower Barriers to Entry: Windows 10 is designed to make device management easier. It comes with comprehensive security improvements, including support for two-factor authentication, which is huge for businesses striving to improve their data and application protection. All of these features lower the barriers to entry, make Windows easier to implement and use, and reduce the overall cost of ownership.
  • Interoperability: Rather than building separate operating systems for desktop and mobile devices, Windows 10 focuses on a universal system for all devices. It wanted to allow one app to run across every Windows device: laptops, tablets, phones, PCs, and even an Xbox. Why is this so important? Because modern users rarely rely on just one device, and people use different devices for different purposes. Case in point: mobile work is on the rise in the business world, so interoperability and universal apps make Windows 10 a breeze when you’re switching back and forth between devices.
  • Microsoft Edge: It’s no secret that Internet Explorer caused many security issues for users. Microsoft had addressed that head-on with Microsoft Edge, Windows’ new default web browser. Microsoft Edge is a completely new browser created with modern security standards in mind. It is designed to optimize security by leaving behind out-dated protocols and legacy compatibility features that often causes issued.

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