Worldwide Flights on Hold When SABRE Goes Down


August 6, 2013

(August 6, 2013)—As if plane crashes, TSA agents stealing your belongings, lost luggage and constantly increasing air fares aren’t enough to keep you at home, now a major airline reservation system goes down causing delays and holds on flights worldwide.

The reservation system, SABRE went offline yesterday evening forcing airline employees to manually check-in their customers. Both domestic and international flights were put on hold including Frontier, American, American Eagle, JetBlue, Virgin America and Alaska; as well as Cathay Pacific, Qantas, British Airways, WestJet, LAN, Virgin Australia and Fiji Air.

A press release from SABRE early this morning stated: “Sabre is experiencing a system issue. Our technology team is working as quickly as possible to resolve the situation.”

They still haven’t announced whether the problem has been repaired, or when they expect it to be.

Once again a malfunctioning IT system is “holding passengers hostage” and wasting people’s time and money by the minute.  This is yet another example of why businesses today need to be proactive about their IT management and maintenance.  Without effective IT systems our economic stability, lifestyle and well being would come to a full “ground stop!”

Have questions about your IT stability?  Call us today.  We can help with a comprehensive IT review and audit.  This will help you ensure your IT systems remain operational and if a crash occurs, our managed IT services team can jump into action and make sure everything is OK.


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