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Live Webinar: Responsible IT Architecture For The Road Ahead

Wednesday, July 24th
12 PM EDT / 11 AM CDT / 10 AM MDT / 9 AM PDT 
Anthony DeGraw, Chief Revenue Officer, Integris

Is your IT infrastructure ready for the bold new future of cloud productivity? Can it stand up to cyberthieves armed with AI? Integris CRO Anthony DeGraw will talk about what secure infrastructure will look like in the future, and what companies need to be doing now to pave the way for a more productive and profitable IT strategy.

Live Webinar: Copilot & the Microsoft’s AI-Productivity Revolution

Wednesday, August 7th
12 PM EDT / 11 AM CDT / 10 AM MDT / 9 AM PDT
Adel Strauss, VP Product & Portfolio, Integris

AI is coming to your M365 platform. It’s no secret why Copilot, Microsoft’s new AI assistant, is the talk of the town.

As the head of our product portfolio, Adel’s got an inside track on what the new AI-enabled future of Microsoft will look like. She’ll walk you through the exciting ways this new tech will enable and connect your beloved Microsoft tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and so much more. She’ll open the floor for companies wanting to data test the product and get real about the preparations you’ll need to make to operate Copilot safely.

Live Demos: Top New Tools in Microsoft

Wednesday, August 21st
12 PM EDT / 11 AM CDT / 10 AM MDT / 9 AM PDT
Anthony DeGraw, Chief Revenue Officer, Integris

You’ve heard the hype. Are you ready to see Microsoft’s next-gen platforms in action? Reps from Microsoft will be on hand to show you real world examples of what these new tools can do and answer all your questions. You won’t want to miss it!