Better together.

Finally, a team that partners with you to understand your technology, implement the solutions you need, and empower your business. Now that’s a good strategy.

We provide premium technology solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses across the country, including the greater New York Metro Area, Maryland, DC, Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, Georgia and Texas.


Understand the true state of your technology in light of your business strategy, existing IT environment, and budget.

Start with our IT assessment. That way you’ll have a clear picture of where your technology currently stands, and a path forward to a more secure and efficient environment. Build a roadmap for your future.


Implement comprehensive IT solutions optimized for your business.

Next we work with you to determine the next steps that fit your business strategy and budget. Whether it’s a full support package or one of our individual services, you’ll be able to decide the best path forward. 


Empower your business with excellent strategy and customer service.

Strategic technology advice has the potential to set you apart from your competitors, keep your employees engaged and invest in the future of your business. Start investing in your business. 

Managed IT Services

Technology for businesses is becoming more and more complex, so we simplify and streamline support for business teams. Partner with us for smart, holistic support.


Businesses experience more cyber threats every year, so we leverage security at every stage to reduce risk and ensure compliance. Entrust us with your technology for peace of mind.

IT Consulting

Aligning your business needs with future goals is essential – and technology is a critical piece of the equation. We use technology to support your business goals and help drive success. Develop your plan with us.

Cloud Services

Businesses need adaptable environments for a demanding market, so we build the cloud that you need to thrive. Create your vision for the cloud with us.

Network Services

Strong, reliable internet has become an absolute necessity for businesses, so we connect your team to the technology they need when they need it. Join us to always be connected.

Something extraordinary happened when four like-minded IT companies met in a peer group. We came together through a shared belief that we could accomplish more, united. We launched as Integris in October 2021.

Our name comes from “integrity,” the most important core value we all share. With a combined experience of over 95 years, we now have a national platform to serve clients across the US with time-tested consulting services, systems, processes, and best practices.

People first
Even though we’re a technology company, we know the work we do is powered by people, so it’s important we don’t get wrapped up in the wires. Our people always come first.
Do the right thing
We have integrity in the strength of our services and empower our team to ensure we give our clients the best experience possible. We do everything within our power to not just make it right, but make it better than it was before.
Get it done right
A single checkbox can make or break us. Delivering a truly remarkable customer experience requires everyone to pay attention to the details, from sales to service desk. We sweat the small stuff because we know it can make or break our business.
Own it
We assume a ton of responsibility for our clients, so every team member needs to own their part. That’s why we live by the numbers. Whether it’s CSAT, KPI, or ticket count, everybody’s got their number for which they are held responsible.

Start the conversation with a strategy meeting.

We’ll get to know each other and dive deeper into your current setup and your future goals in order to provide a preliminary solution and estimate.