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Your systems are only as good as the security and continuity of your data

Are you still managing an on-premises network but curious about network hosting? Are you already realizing the benefits of a hosted network but not receiving the service you had hoped? Are you concerned about losing data during a cyber attack or outage? Does your data back-up system flow easily between your onsite and offsite locations?

The answers to these questions can make or break how well your financial institution runs. Why? Because community banks and credit unions are waking up to the possibilities of a secure private cloud, and what it can do for their disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and overall productivity. Smart utilization of the cloud is a foundational imperative for your IT infrastructure. Trust your system to an MSP partner that understands the operational and regulatory promise of cloud tools for community financial institutions. Here at Integris, we can help you build a cloud-based infrastructure that’s a secure foundation for your future.

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Benefits of managed hosting that’s built for Financial Institutions

Never worry about expensive upgrades

Get enterprise-grade hardware and industry-proven cloud hosting solutions that allow you to maintain the highest financial security standards—all at a convenient, fixed price.

Disaster recovery services let you rest easy

Our one-hour recovery point objective and turn-key disaster recovery capabilities are built-in. Let us help you build a data backup and replication schedule that keeps you covered, while improving your employee productivity, too.

Expert support & monitoring from US-based engineers

Our division is purpose-built just for the financial vertical, so every person you deal with, from engineering to customer service, is dedicated to serving community banks and credit unions.

Leverage scalability and improved security for fintech growth

Our FI-focused data center experts have created a private cloud environment that provides the scalability and security you need no matter which fintech road you go down.

Cloud-based solutions you can trust

Our hosting solutions are designed to safeguard all areas of your operation. Come to Integris for: 

 Private cloud network hosting 

 Whether you have a local server set up, are already in the cloud, or are running some combination of both, Integris can help you create a private-cloud solution that’s right for you. Our private cloud hosting safeguards your data while providing optimal working speed, convenience, and scalability. You’ll increase productivity and network reliability with 100% power uptime and enterprise-grade hardware that our private cloud solution provides. And our cloud security—the best in the industry—is custom-tailored for the needs of community banks and credit unions. When you work with Integris, we include disaster recovery documentation and procedures, so your staff and vendors can coordinate seamlessly when disaster strikes. That kind of attention to detail is a huge bonus for regulators, vendors, and potential clients. 

Our comprehensive network hosting solution gives you organization-wide IT security, increased system uptime, and a personalized support desk, all in one convenient, predictable monthly bill. 

  • All-in-one virtualization of data infrastructure 
  • Enterprise-grade capacity 
  • Highly secure, strategically located data centers 
  • Continuously monitored and redundantly powered 
  • Limited on-site access with biometric security 
  • 100% power uptime 
  • Dedicated monitoring, service, and communication by the Integris team 
  • Predictable, fixed price


Cloud-based backup for on- and off-site 

Sometimes it still makes sense to keep your servers in-house as opposed to a hosted solution. But just because your servers are in-house, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your backups and disaster recovery strategy. With our cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution, we do more than just provide air-gapping between your files and your backup. We implement our comprehensive backup processes, helping ensure no critical client data is dropped when the worst happens. With our data backup solutions, you’ll have a disaster recovery program that’s designed specifically for you, with:  

  • Regular IT data backup that’s timed and monitored 
  • Guaranteed availability of your critical resources 
  • Secure recovery-time guarantee 
  • Highly secure, strategically located data centers 
  • Meets regulatory requirements for IT disaster recovery 

What clients have to say

Integris FI is one of the best partners we could ask for in this industry. They are always looking out for our best interests and helping us plan for a safe and efficient future for the bank. One of the most recent reminders of this was due to their cloud services for financial institutions. With the recent storms we’ve had in Texas, there’s been no shortage of businesses at risk of endless downtime. Thankfully, our disaster recovery setup worked just as it should, so we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Our bank was back up and running through the rain and hail. Our Integris FID team kept us updated and supported through it all.

Jared Curtis
VP, Senior Credit and Systems Manager
Frontier Bank of Texas

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