Secure your business with Integris Cybersecurity Services.

Cybercrime is a direct threat to your organization’s reputation, data, and ability to survive. Gain peace of mind and reduce your risk with Integris.

Cybersecurity services for companies of every size

Companies of every size, of every industry, are at risk of a cybersecurity incident. The US Chamber of Commerce reports that middle-market companies, in particular, have “increasingly become the primary target for cybercriminals.”

Integris has the experience to help protect your business.

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The data behind your risk

from IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021

287 days

The average time it takes to identify and contained a breach

$4.24 million

Global average total cost of a data breach

3 – 14 days

Most businesses facing a breach experience this much downtime

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Get secure, quickly and smartly, with managed cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity is an integral part of your business, but keeping up and staying ahead can be overwhelming.

Our managed services make it easy for you to dynamically advance security and compliance. With Integris, your organization can provide employees, customers, and vendors with the highest level of protection and confidence.

Discover risk, before risk discovers you

Our approach to cybersecurity is focused on proactive defense. This increases your organization’s protection and resilience against threats.

Every day, your business is at risk of cyberattacks, malware infection, and ransomware. We employ a multitude of security layers and continually scan for vulnerabilities to ensure your operations and assets are safe and secure.

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Integris Cybersecurity Standard

Our baseline for every organization that partners with us.

Start the conversation with a strategy session.

Our strategy session is a true conversation. We’ll learn about your organization, you’ll learn about our approach, and we’ll talk about what your IT solution could look like with Integris.