Meet our founders and explore the journey to Integris.


We’re proud of our history. Integris was only created because of the multiple incredible organizations that have come together.


Rashaad Bajwa, Domain Computer Services
Michelle Bajwa, Domain Computer Services
Mark Baron, Compudyne
Hamish Davidson, ProviDyn
Mike Fowler, Capstone IT
Sitima Fowler, Capstone IT
Chris Hoose, Choose Networks
Jim Kehres, Tier One Technology Partners
Sunny Lowe, Blue Jean Networks
Bill McCharen, MyITpros
Brent McCasland, CalTech
Tony Miller, Live Consulting
Nick Nyberg, Live Consulting
David Shaffer, Tier One Technology Partners
Jay Smith, Security7
Brian Thomas, Security7
Tom Vidovic, Compudyne
Will Welch, CalTech
Jeff Woods, Woods Networks

Founders Advisory Council

Your Trusted IT Partner.

It’s one of the values we live by as a company, and because of that, the owners of the companies who’ve merged with Integris still play an active role in our company. They serve on an Advisory council that helps us build trust in the industry, and all our stakeholders. They’re an important part of our success.

Collectively, our founders canvas the market, providing the company with critical feedback, suggestions on the challenges we need to tackle next, and advice on how to tailor our products to the market’s needs.

Trust. Accountability. Responsiveness. These are the building blocks at the foundation of Integris. This group serves as our true north, keeping us attuned to these foundational beliefs as we continue our growth journey as a company.

Integris would not be where we are today without our founders, our teams, and our clients. We’re excited to have them aboard and look forward to all we can accomplish together.