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Enter our IT Support Costs Calculator. We’ve designed it based on our 20+ years of experience as IT professionals, creating and maintaining technology solutions for hundreds of organizations.

Outsourcing IT Support Co-Managed Integris
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Integris: Your partner for IT

Whatever your needs are, Integris is up to the task. As IT professionals for 20+ years, we’ve created and maintained technology solutions for hundreds of organizations in a variety of fields.

We’re a hardworking organization that acts as an extension of your team. Our clients treat us as partners, helping their businesses reach greater heights through technology.


starting at $2,250/mo.

An all-inclusive IT solution that secures and supports your team onsite, remotely, and in the cloud.


starting at $1,500/mo.

An affordable IT solution that secures and supports your network and team in the cloud and remotely.

Implementing and supporting IT Solutions

If you don’t already have them in place, we’ll work with you to get everything taken care of, so your environment is efficient and secure.

How clients feel about Integris IT Support

“We have improved our security and flexibility, begun our cloud migration, and switched to remote working due to the COVID crisis. Again, with the guidance of Integris not missing a single step.

Our future is planning for better efficiencies and reducing costs – all while preparing for the next unexpected turn. As Integris has proven repeatedly, they will be a trusted partner on this journey forward.”

Bryan LeBlanc, CIO
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IT Services Cost Calculator: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimate based on?

We created our estimates based on our 20+ years of experience as IT professionals. More specifically, we base our quotes around the comprehensive, secure, and integrative approach we take to IT services.

How accurate is this estimate?

While we think our IT Support Cost Calculator is pretty close to what we would formally propose, it is not a finalized quote.

Why? Every business is unique. You might have specialized needs that we can’t configure. Part of our process includes a strategy meeting and technology audit to fully understand where you are and where you want to go.

Estimate your technology cost with our IT Support Costs Calculator