Jason Erickson

Chief Strategy Officer

In his role at Integris, Jason’s vision has helped guide the company through five mergers so far, all while developing best practices and systems that will underpin the company for years to come.

It’s a big job in company that’s grown more than 700 percent, just in 2021. But it’s a challenge that Erickson relishes.

“We’re in this exciting period, where we’re truly able to build this company from the ground up,” Jason said. “We’re able to stand back, and ask those hard, visionary questions. What are our strengths we want to build on? What kind of MSP do we need to be, to meet the needs of the growing market? How can we offer a premium MSP experience for our clients—a business partnership that elevates the idea of what an MSP can offer? And most important, how can we create a company that empowers our people to grow, and innovate, and do their best work?”

On a day-to-day basis, Jason drives achievement for Integris based on best practices, innovation, and overall business intelligence. It’s a role he’s well acquainted with. Prior to joining Integris in 2020, he was Director of M&A Integrations for another national MSP, where he led eight successful acquisitions, one merger, and one private equity re-capitalization totaling $150M+ in transaction value.

In short, Jason has built his career around corporate visioneering—a skill set he looks forward to exploring at Integris.

“There’s so much potential for MSPs in general to grow right now,” Jason said.
“Businesses need to up their game around cybersecurity and cloud technology like never before. The stakes are high, and the complexity keeps increasing. Small, medium-sized, and even enterprise level companies need a partner to help them navigate all the new tools and options. They need a partner that can look at their business goals—then show them how to stay one step ahead with proactive planning for their tech. By putting our emphasis on a premium MSP experience, one rooted in strategic counseling and deep vendor relationships, I think we’re poised to offer customers the right service, at the right time.”

Jason holds a business degree in marketing and business management from Western Colorado University. He lives in the Denver area with his family and enjoys all the outdoor sports the area has to offer.