Free AI policy template for your business

Employees are using AI tools like ChatGPT and Copilot to perform duties. Use our free AI policy template to protect your organization’s critical information.

Cover of "AI Acceptable Use Policy Workbook" by Integris, featuring an image of two robotic hands shaking, one emerging from each of two laptops.

Download our free AI policy template to keep your company data secure

ChatGPT, Google Bard, Microsoft Copilot: employees are using these AI tools and others to make their work faster and easier. Stay ahead of the security risks that these new innovations bring by improving your employee education and training. The first step is an AI Acceptable Use Policy – so your team how to use these tools safely.

Ensure that employees are not submitting sensitive documents and confidential data into the unprotected cloud. Minimize the risk of inaccurate information leaking into your databases. Our sample policy will set ground rules for how to behave online in the age of AI.

An open booklet displaying a document titled "[Company Name] AI Usage Guidelines." The document contains sections on topics such as "Check the accuracy of AI-generated information," "Verify the accuracy and appropriateness of material AI pulls from our company documentation," and "Use conditional access to manage who can view your files." The text is in a standard format with specific guidelines related to the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

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