Copilot for M365 Readiness Assessment

Use Microsoft Copilot with confidence

Integris can help you assess, implement, and launch Copilot across your organization.

Your ticket to AI innovation in Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s AI Assistant, Copilot, has the power to transform your productivity and turn your data into organizational intelligence. But with power comes risk. That’s why Integris has created a custom assessment and consulting plan that can help you implement Microsoft’s powerful AI technology—with the cybersecurity, governance, and training components you need.

With our comprehensive suite of services, we’ll help you assess your AI readiness, purchase and manage your licenses, and handle your AI governance. Let us be your guide to a new era of innovation at your company.

An illustrated diagram for "Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365" with icons and text explaining its components. It includes references to large language models (LLMs), web grounding, commercial data protection, Microsoft Graph grounding, Microsoft 365 apps, enterprise-grade data protection, and Copilot Studio. The Microsoft Copilot logo is at the top.
Copilot for Outlook

Start with a Copilot Readiness Assessment

For every Copilot client, we begin with a readiness assessment. Why? Because Copilot’s large language search capabilities will change the way information flows through your systems. We’ll examine everything—from the way your cybersecurity tools work together, to the way your files are stored, to your access protocols, backup and disaster recovery systems, and more.

For one package price, we will:

  • Assess your company for Responsible IT Architecture practices
  • Conduct a Microsoft Secure Score Assessment
  • Review access and encryption procedures
  • Survey your written IT plans, policies, and procedures, and find your gaps
  • Assess your data storage and backup strategies

When we’re done, we’ll present you with an AI implementation plan and budget that includes your Copilot licenses, as well as our recommendations for ways to harden your system cybersecurity in advance of the launch.

Harden Your Defenses for the New Age of AI 

With an action plan in place, Integris can help your company with all the steps involved in a cyber safe AI launch, including: 

  • Implementing all the system hardening steps, from purchasing new cybersecurity tools, to onboarding your new Copilot licenses, to creating new cloud backup protocols 
  • Helping your organization set document access protocols, determining what files are secret, public, corporate-wide, or just for certain teams
  • Configuring restricted SharePoint search policies 
  • Improving your data loss information protection, in accordance with your regulatory load
  • Changing your monitoring and documentation to reflect your new AI enabled operations 

And so much more… 

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Three colleagues engaging in a discussion about it project management during a meeting with a laptop and presentation screen in the background.

Build an AI-ready organization 

With our expert guidance, you can ensure your people are just as AI ready as your infrastructure. We’ll work with your AI enablement committee, helping set expectations for your project gates and communicating to your executive team about what’s next. We can help you: 

  • Install cybersecurity awareness training programs that keep your employees updated on the latest AI-related cybersecurity tips 
  • Get plugged into the right Microsoft training programs for Copilot end users
  • Build KPIs around your safe AI usage
  • Develop and teach safe sharing on SharePoint 

From ideation to launch, we’ll create a turnkey transition to a new AI for your company. 

Are you ready to explore your AI-enabled future? 

We’d love to help. Contact us now for a free consultation. We can create an AI enablement package custom tailored to your needs and budget.