Three Reasons A Growing Number of Healthcare Institutions are Choosing to Work with a Healthcare IT Services Company


January 26, 2019

A growing number of hospitals, clinics, private practices and other healthcare providers are turning to IT services companies to protect their valuable healthcare data and it isn’t hard to see why. While it costs money to hire a professional service to provide healthcare IT management, doing so can actually save a healthcare organization a lot of time and money in the long run. Following are three of the main reasons why every single healthcare institution should have a reliable healthcare IT services company manage some or all of their IT department.

The Threats are Real and Growing

Is your healthcare institution safe from hackers? Unfortunately, many healthcare facilities are vulnerable to hacks and cybercriminals are attacking the healthcare industry more often than ever before. Consider the following recent statistics:

  • 45% of all ransomware attacks in 2017 targeted healthcare providers
  • More than a quarter of all identity thefts in 2017 belonged to the healthcare industry
  • The average cost of a cyberattack on a healthcare provider comes to $5 million. Bear in mind that this is the average, not the limit. Large healthcare service providers have had to pay twice as much to deal with the aftermath of a serious breach.
  • The healthcare industry has spent more than $1 billion on dealing with the aftermath of IT security breaches.
  • Most healthcare organizations spend a measly 3% of their budget on IT management. The recommended percentage is 10%.
  • Healthcare employees are in many cases blissfully unaware of the importance of IT cybersecurity. This is evidenced by the fact that nearly 20% of them stated in a survey that they would be willing to sell their login information for anywhere from $500 to $1,000. What is more, up to 25% of healthcare employees say that they know a colleague who has sold their login information.
  • Only one in three healthcare organizations have taken appropriate measures to protect their data from security breaches.

These statistics are downright terrifying when one considers the damage that can be done by a single cyberattack. A ransomware attack can be especially devastating as doctors lose access to important patient information they need to provide the right treatment to those in their care. What is more, there is no guarantee that the medical service provider can recoup this information even if the ransom is paid. At the same time, other types of cyberattacks are no less devastating. Attacks on electronic medical software, for instance, can force doctors across the nation to cancel appointments, denying care to vulnerable people who are sure to suffer as a result.

Given these facts, it is not surprising that medical service providers are looking for an IT services company that can protect valuable patient information from unauthorized access.

An IT Services Company can Save Time and Hassle

Can an IT services company really help you save time? The answer is a resounding yes. IT companies, unlike most medical employees, are experts in their field. They can not only resolve problems faster than regular hospital employees but also prevent many problems from occurring in the first place. What is more, many IT companies offer 24/7 service, enabling you to get the immediate assistance you need to keep your valuable data safe and easily accessible to hospital staff members.

Another way that IT services save you time is by using their own equipment to handle your EMR records and other data. Doctors no longer have to worry about selecting hardware and software and then upgrading these periodically as this job is handled solely by the IT company.

IT service providers also offer ongoing employee training to your staff members. Do you have new employees who are just learning how to work with your EMR system? Are your experienced employees struggling to learn how to manage a new software program? Is the billing department dealing with multiple errors resulting from simple mistakes that doctors make when filling out patient information? IT employee training can solve these and other common problems. Additionally, healthcare IT companies that are familiar with common EMR programs can customize these programs to suit your exact needs.

IT Services Companies are Cost Efficient

The cost of hiring full-time IT professionals who are also familiar with the needs of the medical community can be prohibitive, especially for private practices and small clinics and hospitals. Fortunately, medical professionals who work with an IT services company have access to experienced, talented help at a very affordable price. Moreover, many IT companies make it easy for the medical community by offering various services and price packages. A medical institution can outsource some, most or all of its IT department to an IT service provider as needed. If additional services are needed on a part-time basis, a hospital can obtain these services instantly by signing up for them for a pre-determined length of time. Alternatively, a medical institution that no longer needs certain services can discontinue using them with ease.

Introducing Integris IT Services Company

Integris specializes in offering managed IT services to the medical community in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The company was recently named as one of the best IT companies in the world and offers the IT assistance and management that any medical service provider needs in order to offer the best possible care to patients of all ages and walks of life. These include:

  • HIPAA-compliant technicians
  • Secure cloud services
  • Strategic planning assistance
  • Data recovery and business continuity planning
  • Consulting services
  • Vulnerability and risk assessment
  • IT and network security

As every single good medical service provider knows, even a small mistake can cause a lot of damage. That is why the healthcare industry is partnering with the IT industry to ensure that medical records are error-free, organized and safe from cybercriminals. At the same time, not just any IT service provider will do. You need one that is familiar with HIPAA, electronic medical records, practice management, DICOM, dictation and medical claims. Integris offers the specialized IT assistance you need to improve your practice and keep it secure from threats both now and in the future.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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