HIPAA Compliance

Your key to HIPAA compliance starts with Integris

Integris is an IT provider independently certified to be HIPAA compliant. We can help your healthcare organization maintain compliance, too.

Why we’re committed to being a HIPAA certified Managed IT Service Provider

At Integris, we take data security seriously. That’s why we get the same certifications our clients do. After all, why would we require our clients to have data handling protocols and safeguards, then not do the same thing ourselves?

This is especially important for clients who are bound by HIPAA regulations for patient privacy and data safety. Because we work directly with your data, we want to ensure that your PHIs and EMRs are treated the same way by us as they are by you. So, every year, Integris submits to an extensive HIPAA review, and gets our HIPAA certification renewed. This ensures that our operations center has all the proper data handling protocols, training, and tools in place to handle your data safely.

Why is it important for your MSP to be certified?

Many healthcare providers believe that if they are HIPAA certified, the MSP that handles their IT doesn’t need to be. This, in fact, used to be the case, until new omnibus rules came out in 2013, stipulating that “business associates” working with healthcare organizations had to be certified too.

This means that your MSP has just as much liability for mishandling patient data as you do. If you’ve contracted with an MSP that has mishandled your data, both you and your MSP are on the hook for that violation, often to the tune of thousands of dollars per mishandled record.

According to government protocols, any subcontractor that works with your patient records would be considered a “business associate” that must undergo training and certification to prove they are handling these records correctly. This is also the case, even if encryption keeps your MSP from reading the files.

What does our HIPAA audit cover?

Our HIPAA compliancy evaluation is managed by The Compliancy Group. This comprehensive review ensures that:

Our engineers and technicians have completed updated HIPAA training

Our data handling protocols meet regulatory requirements, and keep patient data safe and accessible by the patient

There aren’t gaps in our cybersecurity systems that would allow for data loss

We undergo timely patching and logging

We have written policies in place for data handling and cybersecurity, and they adhere to the latest protocols from regulators

Can Integris help us with our HIPAA compliance?

Yes. HIPAA compliance is a big part of the services that we provide for our healthcare clients. When you work with Integris, we do a gap analysis to determine if your current systems comply with HIPAA standards. You might be surprised to know that most healthcare organizations do not fully comply, even when they think they do.

We find the areas you need to improve, and help you create a plan for addressing them. When regulators come calling, you’ll be ready with the right systems—and the logs and reports that prove your compliance.

Ready to learn more?

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