Responsible IT Architecture

Responsible IT Architecture for your business

Why Responsible IT Architecture is at the root of everything we do—and how that can benefit your bottom line.

Responsible IT Architecture is our own framework, and the idea behind it is simple. We believe that every client we serve should have a baseline of controls that keeps their cybersecurity covered, and their productivity assured.

With our Responsible IT Architecture framework, we strive to:

  • Protect your networks with firewalls and hack-proof authentication
  • Create a platform that protects you against outages, disasters, and data loss
  • Continuously patch, monitor, and remediate vulnerabilities in your system
  • Filter out bad actors and code that are trying to interact with your systems

Responsible IT Architecture is our mission

Our Responsible IT Architecture stack is designed to work together to create the ideal defense for your systems. Each one of these tools has its own job to do, each reinforcing the other. When you sign up for our Empower managed service plans, we’ll ensure your company has the industry gold standard for:

Why Responsible IT Architecture is good for every business

What could your business accomplish if your systems were built on the right foundations? Plenty. When you work with Integris, we take on all your daily IT headaches, so you can focus on getting down to business. When you have a fully implemented Responsible IT Architecture, you can:

  • Stay one step ahead of your compliance requirements for regulators and cyber insurers
  • Ensure that your systems meet the minimum standard for operating in the digital world
  • Never lose data, with cloud backup that never runs out or goes dark
  • Prove to customers and clients that their data is safe when it’s in your hands, with cybersecurity documentation that wins you business

A Responsible IT Architecture simply works better, so you can operate with fewer outages, breaches, and disruptions. That minimizes your risk, and makes you more productive, too. What’s not to love about that?

What clients have to say about Responsible IT Architecture

“We have improved our security and flexibility, begun our cloud migration, and switched to remote working due to the COVID crisis. Again, with the guidance of Integris not missing a single step. Our future is planning for better eciencies and reducing costs – all while preparing for the next unexpected turn. As Integris has proven repeatedly, Integris will be a trusted partner on this journey forward.”

Bryan LeBlanc
Pace Claims

Getting Started with Responsible IT Architecture

When you engage with Integris, we’ll conduct a thorough review to determine the strength of your current cybersecurity stack. Our engineers comb through your systems, current firewalls, backups, hardware, and software. Their assessment will show what areas don’t stand up to your traffic levels, or current cybersecurity guidelines from organizations like the National institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), HIPAA, or others.

Generally, we keep what’s compliant and add any new services you’ll need to meet the Responsible IT Architecture framework.

Lead the way with Responsible IT Infrastructure that empowers your business

Interested in knowing more? We’d love to work with you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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