Penetration Testing Services & Tools

Penetration Testing Services for Businesses

To beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker. Our penetration testing tools and policies handle potential security problems, but we also analyze your business with penetration testing services.

Watch out: There’s a hacker eyeing up your business. To him, it doesn’t matter that you’re not a big fish like Home Depot or Adobe – in fact, that’s what makes you such an appealing target. He hopes that means you don’t have the kind of security the big corporations do. He’s poking around your defenses to see what’s vulnerable; can he break in through your email? Maybe your firewall isn’t as secure as you thought. All it will take is one small crack in your armor, and he’ll be in – rooting through your files, finding confidential data, and holding your business hostage.

Scary, isn’t it? But that’s how cybercriminals work – they increasingly target small and mid-sized businesses these days, knowing that many don’t have the kind of IT security that a larger corporation can bring to bear. What would happen if someone got into your systems? Do you store confidential information for your clients? What about credit card numbers? Are you sure you know what to do if it looks like someone is trying to break in? Would you recognize the signs?

How Penetration Testing Services Work

We’ve seen what the hackers can do, so we’ve learned to think like them. With Integris as your partner, you get the full treatment when it comes to security with the right penetration testing tools:

  1. Look for Vulnerabilities:  We’ve seen how cybercriminals work, so we know how they look at a business for weaknesses. Our team uses penetration testing tools to look at your business in the same way – finding all the holes that could be exploited to get into your systems. That means analyzing both from within your systems, inside your software and hardware, and also from outside – trying to get in via the Internet.
  2. Test Your Defenses:  Part of finding vulnerabilities is to actually try to break in as a hacker would. That can involve penetration testing tools (using the most common and some uncommon ways of trying to get into your systems through your firewall), or even ethical hacking (going to the full lengths that a really determined cybercriminal might go and doing everything within our power to hack your systems). Our penetration testing services find out what works, and most important, what doesn’t.
  3. Improve Your Armor:  Once we know where you’re vulnerable with penetration testing tools, we can set about improving your defenses. We’ll make sure you’re using software and systems that are optimized for how you do business, so not only do you get the right kind of protection, but you also don’t have to worry about being slowed down by your security. This involves both intrusion prevention and perimeter protection, ensuring your network is set up with the proper tools, commercial-grade firewalls and firewall management, active data scanning capabilities, and endpoint security protection.
  4. Watch for Foes:  It’s not enough to just put defenses in place and call it a day. True security demands constant vigilance. Our security defense services monitor your security 24/7 to immediately identify potential threats and begin acting on them with appropriate measures. We also teach you and your staff about the common ways that cybercriminals may try to exploit you, so you’ll see the signs of potential threats and know not to be fooled.
  5. Keep You Informed:  We also make sure you get regular reports on your security, so you know when and if something changes, an attack occurs, or if upgrades are necessary. Our penetration testing services let you know about new potential threats that are revealed in the technology world, and just make sure to keep you in the loop when it comes to the security of your business.


Benefits of Penetration Testing Services 

  1. Ensure Business Continuity 
  2. Mature Your Business Environment 
  3. Avoid Costly Data Breaches 
  4. Comply with Industry Regulations and Standards 
  5. Protect Your Employees, Clients, Partners, and Third-Party Vendors 

Deploy Top Managed Cybersecurity Services 

Integris not only offers detailed penetration testing for businesses but also houses an additional full suite of managed cybersecurity services including:

Go Beyond Vulnerability Testing with Integris

Penetration testing services with Integris provide more than just a vulnerability scan. Our tests are designed to go deep into your networks, exploit vulnerabilities, and find security flaws and how to address them. Continuously testing the components of your IT infrastructure is a difficult and time-consuming operation. Understanding the most recent attack strategies, as well as testing and reviewing your defenses against them, is essential for enhancing your cybersecurity posture. Partnering with Integris for your IT and Cybersecurity needs will give you back the time to focus on what matters the most, running your business. 

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