Hardware and Software Management

Trust your hardware and software management to Integris.

From purchase, configuration, installation, lifecycle maintenance, to ongoing support – Integris manages it all so you don't have to.

At Integris, we believe up-to-date hardware and software is a crucial investment for every company. So, exactly what do we mean by “updated?”

When a client runs an updated system, they’ve put in the investment of time and money to avoid system obsolescence and system integration problems. Truly, the money you spend here will pay dividends in the future due to system failures, lost speed, and productivity. We advise all our clients to keep their systems updated by doing the following:

  • Running the latest operating system versions, to ensure your systems play well with your other, newer productivity tools.
  • Switching out devices that are older than five years old, or out of a manufacturer’s warrantee. If a device is difficult to repair or find parts for, it’s a liability to your organization.
  • Running cloud-based software, whenever possible, so your organization can benefit from the automatic patches and software updates they offer.
  • Running all the recommended system updates on server room devices, networks and, on-site software

Proper hardware and software management makes it possible for us to do our job correctly for our clients. It also a reputational win for our clients, who benefit from the positive message this sends to regulators, potential clients, and cyber-risk insurers. After all, everyone prefers to work with a company with clean, fast-running systems. Keeping your digital assets up to date is an important part of that commitment.

Your one-stop resource for hardware and software inventory management

At Integris, we pride ourselves on the turnkey service we provide our managed service IT clients. We handle hardware and software inventory for all our fully managed clients—providing tracking, ordering, licensing, and strategic budgeting for your IT investments. We stay ahead of your needs, making proactive recommendations on what needs to be replaced, and handling all your employee onboarding and offboarding needs with a single phone call.

Hardware/software management is part of a Responsible IT Architecture

There are nine tools that we use at Integris to help us ensure that the standards of a Responsible IT Architecture are met, and hardware and software management is one of them. 

When you work with us, we prefer to take a holistic security approach. For us, that means employing these nine pillar tools, working in tandem, to create a complete layer of protection around your systems. Whether all those tools come from us, or they are existing tools in your network, it’s important that they are updated, up to the standards of regulators/cyber insurers, and up to the security demands of your network.

We’ll work with you to make sure your systems work as intended, and provide the capacity to keep your company safe and productive.

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Why We’re Drawing the Line at Responsible IT Architecture

Why We’re Drawing the Line at Responsible IT Architecture

You may have heard us talking about the idea of a “Responsible IT Architecture” framework. You may have even heard us say we won’t work with a client unless they (a) have Responsible IT Architecture already in place or (b) commit to working with us on implementing it. It’s a strong position to take. But we believe every client we have on our roster should have basic security and backup protections. Here’s why.

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