Managed LAN Solutions

Effortlessly support the backbone of your business with Managed LAN Solutions.

Avoid the hassle of managing the cables and switches, while keeping your network infrastructure secure and maintained.

Leave LAN Management to the pros with managed network services.

Every organization has a Local Area Network (LAN). It’s how your company connects to the network – the switches in the closet, and the WiFi access points on the ceilings.

Most LANs are set up without much forethought for design or with a plan for ongoing upkeep, monitoring, and maintenance. Sound familiar? Without a dependable LAN, end-user productivity is at risk. Integris-managed LAN solutions will keep your team working seamlessly, and securely.


Managed LAN before – a mess of wires – and after – contained and organized.

Before and after.

Managed Network Infrastructure: LAN Hardware

First and foremost, our managed network services include rightsized hardware as a service. Integris will replace your current hardware, and you can cancel any existing support contracts. We bring everything under our roof with 24/7/365 monitoring, and a process to update and replace hardware using a best-practices replacement schedule. It means forever having modern hardware in place and never worrying about updates or replacements.

Managed LAN design: Strategic Network Management Solutions.

Network design is a specialized skill set, and many organizations don’t choose to have this in-house. Designing a great LAN is vital to creating a solution to meet a business’s unique needs and adhere to best practices.

As part of Integris managed network services, our team works closely with yours to get clear on goals and business requirements, and then we’ll create and document a LAN design. We pay close attention to WiFi access points because proper placement enables a predictable network to support your organization’s productivity.

Outsourcing IT Support Management Co-Managed Domain Computer Services
Outsourcing IT Support Co-Managed Domain Computer Services

Managed LAN Support, Maintenance, and Updates

Even the best design is subject to change. Hardware can malfunction, cables can fail or be exposed to interference causing errors, applications or users can misbehave and use too much bandwidth, or your needs can adapt over time. The Integris Network Connectivity team actively monitors hardware and key metrics that impact the end-user experience. The managed network infrastructure is capable of providing a variety of services for businesses.

Some problems, like a failed switch, are immediately obvious. Other issues are more subtle, like a single access point getting unplugged, or a backup using all the available bandwidth. These issues can harm productively in silent ways. Our goal is to help your business avoid unexpected downtime. Integris prioritizes proactive maintenance activities, such as scheduled firmware updates and documented change management, all to strengthen your network capabilities.

Benefits of Network Management Solutions

Managed network services like managed LAN help businesses succeed in many ways. Learn how Integris can provide managed network infrastructure to employ across any avenue of your business. With our support, your team can focus on their operations and trust that Integris will cover their managed network services. Some benefits of managed LAN as part of a managed network infrastructure are:


  • Increase network performance
  • Reliable and customized support
  • Fast maintenance and updates
  • Easy upgrading process
  • Increased connectivity speeds
  • Centralized data protection
  • Increase security of sensitive records 


Network management solutions build the foundation for successful and reliable operations, and Integris is here to help you each step of the way. Our services fit the needs of our customers and can be tailored to meet your needs.


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