Managed Network Security Services

Protect your network with Integris Managed Network Security Services.

With advanced visibility, control, and protection, our Network Security solution gives your business more.

Get proactive about security

Integris Network Security service was designed for clients wanting to be proactive about security, often working within regulated industries. This solution provides clients with constantly updated firmware, airtight policy change management, centralized logging, and management – in addition to supplementary security layers such as advanced persistent threat blocking, reputation-enabled defense, and intrusion detection and prevention.


Secure Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) with Network Security Services

Firewalls are necessary for any business, but they change frequently, making it challenging to keep pace with changing industry landscapes. Integris NGFW provides clients and the IT staff with the expertise to maintain and support these exceptionally secure firewalls.

The Integris Network Security team is available 24/7 to make scheduled or emergency changes to your firewall or produce last-minute reports.

Why Integris Network Security and NGFW works for businesses

Great for regulation & audits

Ideal for clients in regulated industries, which are audited routinely. Un-curated firewalls are often an issue for scrutinized clients.

Application visibility & control

Our NGFW allows you to set policies depending on the user or application, things you can’t do with a traditional firewall.

Network visibility

NGFW statistics are available in the Integris Client Portal. Get full visibility into the threats being blocked and the traffic using up your bandwidth.

Advanced threat protection

Reduce avenues of attack by controlling applications and scanning for a wide variety of threats – including confidential data leaks.

Secure SDWAN included

Having the right security measures in place is essential for your business. With Integris Network Security, Secure SD-WAN functionality is included. The  service allows for up to four WAN or Internet connections including LTE, and can be configured for advanced failover scenarios on a per application basis.


Benefits of Managed Network Security Services

There are numerous benefits of managed network security services that enable businesses to be successful. Managed network security services empower your business with:


  • Secure business and customer data
  • Frequent and managed updates
  • Varying levels of accessibility
  • Stronger customer trust
  • Adapts to the modern workplace
  • Cyber-attack protection
  • Sensitive and proprietary information protection
  • Centrally managed service


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