Azure Cloud Services

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From concept to implementation, we can build the Azure Cloud solution your business needs.

Microsoft Azure: a smart bet for business cloud needs

Organizations – large and small alike – use Microsoft Azure because they enjoy affordable and scalable access to a flexible, feature-rich cloud platform for building, managing, and deploying a deep suite of applications.

Integris Microsoft-certified engineers will handle everything behind the scenes while you enjoy 24/7 productivity, support, and enhanced peace of mind because you deal directly with us.


Cost-effective IT solutions

The beauty of Azure comes from its “pay as you go” capabilities for access to cost-effective innovative services without the potential frustration of getting bogged down in technical or administrative complexities.

For example, unlike the 4-year-old file server you may own, which is taking up room in the telco closet, Azure file server services are “billed” for specific usage and work-load requirements so you never pay for more than you consume. Nor do you have to deal with onsite clutter, the prospect of having to buy a new server appliance next year, or the potential for a major system crash.

Operate within a rich technological ecosystem with Azure

Azure leverages proprietary Microsoft technologies that allow you to expand with an ecosystem you are familiar with, and which by design, plays well with new Microsoft add-ons and interoperability standards. Windows Server, Active Directory, and SharePoint combined with Microsoft 365? Done.

You can even deploy Windows services through a virtual server to Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOS client devices via a remote desktop connection. How is that for convenience and flexibility when it comes to accommodating different user preferences for their favorite brand of workstation or smartphone?

In the event you require a supercharged hybrid deployment combining Azure cloud with Azure onsite, Microsoft has you covered with Azure Stack Certified hardware offered through special licensing agreements with Lenovo, Dell EMC, HP Enterprise, Cisco, and Huawei. This gives your business the best of both worlds.

Integris can handle your Azure needs, from concept to implementation

  • Analytics – Accelerate data-driven decision making
  • Backup – Lower human error and ransomware risk by simplifying the protection of all critical digital assets to maximize your business continuity – your files will be stored in multiple fault-tolerant servers
  • Compute – Instantly manage workloads and projects with virtual machines, servers, scalable cloud applications, and API’s
  • Disaster Recovery – Keep all critical applications up and running during planned and unplanned outages with replication, failover, and restoration with backup and disaster recovery
  • Identity Management – Secure your entire enterprise with Azure Active Directory with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication for safeguarding users from cybercrime
  • Networking – Leverage just in time cloud and hybrid computing architecture with monitoring and security features matched to your industry-specific compliance requirements
  • Storage – Instantly engage with your images, audio, video, logs, configuration files, and more – easily and conveniently – wherever you happen to be working, in a secure, scalable and redundant cloud

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