Start the conversation with a Discovery Session

You do most of the talking. We listen. It’s a 30 minute conversation where we listen to your challenges and goals with no obligations.

The Discovery Session is where you do most of the talking and we listen. Integris will spend 30 minutes understanding your challenges and goals for technology in your business. And we’ll conclude the consultation with an agreement to either take a pause or continue with subsequent steps in our process.

People often tell us they appreciate our process because it gets them thinking about their business technology in ways they hadn’t before—relevant questions that are foundational as you explore the IT solutions space.

“We absolutely love Integris, and it’s really how they approach technology, thinking collaboratively with Atlanta Humane Society, and creating strategies.”

Chris Slee
Chief Operating Officer
Atlanta Humane Society

What to expect in our consultation process

We listen carefully to deeply understand your organization’s challenges and pain points, as well as your business aspirations.
We reconvene to review what we heard and explore how our approach to business technology will improve your organization’s outcomes.
Integris engineers perform a deep IT system inspection to identify risks, gaps, and strategic opportunities to overcome obstacles.
We’ll review our findings, solutions, and contract with pricing. We’ll commit to your start date and have a Q&A with your executive team.
You’ll meet with Integris, review the simple process to request support, and begin next steps to activate the IT service transition plan.

Questions? Not ready to hop on a Discovery Session? Fill out our contact form and we’ll follow up.

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Let’s discuss IT strategy, services, and business solutions. Or any other high-priority technology and compliance concerns.