VoIP Business Solutions

VoIP: Reliable voice services, with cloud connectivity.

Having reliable phone service is essential to every business. Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Business Solutions offer seamless, redundant connectivity to eliminate downtime, dropped calls, or interrupted communications.

Reliable VoIP with cloud connectivity

There’s no shortage of ways to communicate – but sometimes, a quick phone call can resolve an issue faster than a number of written messages. Having a reliable phone service is an essential component of every business.

Integris VoIP Business Solutions offer seamless, redundant connectivity to eliminate downtime, dropped calls, or interrupted communications

Geo-redundant VoIP connectivity

Located in three Integris-trusted data centers across the United States, our VoIP solution offers 99.99% uptime – and with an exact live copy of your configuration across locations, phone connections are available and functioning when you need them most.

Great opportunties to switch to a VoIP Solution

Migrations to the cloud

Transitioning to the cloud is the perfect inflection point to re-imagine your digital workspaces, especially because VoIP the best way to leverage integrated messaging services.

Upcoming office moves

Avoid moving something that will take up space, eat up equipment costs, and require additional network build-out project fees. Plus, your phone system lease (or useful lifespan) may likely correlate to your office lease span.

High volume onboarding/offboarding

You’ll never have to buy more equipment or licenses than you need. Adding and removing voice users is as just as easy as activating and deactivating email accounts – just submit a support ticket.

Seamless cloud connectivity

Integris VoIP eliminates the challenges that come with an on-premise phone system – such as when a power outage or dropped connection occurs. Instead, connections are made over the internet, tapping multiple servers for call routing, device registration and other communication features.

A managed VoIP solution with superior service

No business has ever said they wanted to deal with more vendors. Your VoIP solution will be managed and supported by the professional team at Integris. We’re here to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and ensure your business has guaranteed voice quality from end to end.

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