IT Security & Dark Web Scan

Learn who has your credentials with our dark web scan.

Millions of credentials are available on the Dark Web. See who has your email.

More than likely, you use the same password in 5 different places and it’s the name of your dog. Who doesn’t!? Nobody’s perfect. We get it. You’ve got logins coming out of your ears – what is a person supposed to do? But before you go use it again, consider this: 63% of confirmed data breaches leverage a weak, default, or stolen password.

Just provide your work email address and we’ll send you a dark web scan showing all compromised passwords within your company, as well as suggestions for better password management. No commitment is required on your part and no sales tactics on ours. Just some helpful advice. Making the world a more secure place – one email at a time.



What IT Security Includes

You won’t just know the passwords that have been compromised, but also what platform was compromised. Hint: LinkedIn is a big culprit. Find out exactly which employees and what passwords are exposed so you can make sure those passwords aren’t used again. All you need to provide is a business email domain and you’ll have a full report of all compromised passwords for that domain as an easy-to-read pdf. Cyberattacks caused by compromised employee passwords cost $383,365 on average. Can you afford that?



Discover How IT Security Can Benefit You:

A Proactive Approach to Your Security

Instead of waiting for that employee’s compromised password to affect your entire business, get ahead of it. Hold your employees accountable for strong, complex passwords that are frequently changed.


Manage Your Business Risk

Data breaches are expensive. A small business will spend an average of $955,429 to restore normal business in the wake of successful attacks. Don’t let that happen because of a silly password. Check your employees’ IT security with a dark web scan. 



Benefits of a Dark Web Scan for Your Business

      • Keep valuable business data well protected
      • Protect your employee’s personal data 
      • Alert you to all data breaches 
      • Deter hackers and secure information against future breaches
      • Avoid potential ransomware attacks

Deploy IT Security Solutions

Secure your business from all angles with Integris managed cybersecurity services for business. Keeping up with cybersecurity independently can be an overwhelming job with a high probability of incorrectly managing your business’s security, potentially costing you thousands of dollars. Integris gives you many opportunities to secure your business with our extended options for cybersecurity including:



Online Protection with Integris Dark Web Scans

Getting regular dark web scans for your business will keep your company’s data protected and alert you of any current data breaches. With a multitude of various security layers, Integris will ensure that your operations and assets are safe and secure throughout the lifespan of your business. With standard, extended, and compliance based cybersecurity offerings, we can be sure to meet all of your industry-specific and compliance needs. Protect your business and get secure today with Integris cybersecurity services. 

Take Your IT Security to the Next Level with Dark Web Scan Solutions


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