Phishing Test Services & Reports

Is your business vulnerable to a social engineering hack? Test it with Integris Phishing Reports.

Think of it like a cybersecurity fire drill.

Picture this: one of your employees clicks on a malicious email and enters sensitive information. You now have a security breach on your hands – a potentially devastating event for any business, large or small.

Enter the Integris Phishing Test Report. Our engineers create suspicious-looking emails as tests and send them to your team. Our phishing test compiles the results of who clicked into a report and sends it to you. Think of it as a cybersecurity fire drill for your organization.

Interested? Download a sample Phishing Test Report and see what you’re missing.

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Benefits of working with a Phishing Service Provider

  • Prevent company-wide data breaches
  • Monitor your attack rate
  • Motivate employees to monitor personal phishing attacks
  • Cultivate a culture of security
  • Become compliant and ensure insurability
  • Protect your employees at work and at home

What the Phishing Test Report includes

Our engineers create realistic phishing emails for the phishing assessment, based on actual emails we’ve seen. Nothing is actually exposed if someone clicks on a link – but the employee’s name is recorded and sent in the Phishing Test Report. Our Phishing Test Report isn’t just a list of names. There are actionable follow-up recommendations that our team can help you with after the phishing assessment. Not sure what you need from your phishing test results?

Deploy top Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

The reputation, data, and survival of your company are all directly threatened by cybercrime. Integris can help you relax and lower your risk with our full suite of managed cyber security services. In addition to phishing tests and phishing reports, we offer many other cybersecurity solutions including:

Effective Phishing Testing with Integris

By merely clicking a link or logging into a website they believed to be reliable, a negligent user can wind up costing a company time, money, and reputation. Averting such catastrophes is the responsibility of penetration testers who conduct phishing operations. When carried out correctly, these social engineering tests can provide organizations with information about how susceptible they are to such assaults and act as learning opportunities for staff members to instruct them on how to spot and avoid being phished. Partnering with Integris will ensure your company is protected from all ends.

Get protected with Phishing Tests and Reports!

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