Email Spam Filter

Real-time defense for your organization with anti-spam filters for email.

Protect your business with a comprehensive, cloud-based email security solution that provides real-time defense against cyber threats, data loss, and regulatory violations.

What Is Email Spam Filtering?

Most damaging hacks start with your employees clicking on a bad link. And most of those links come right through your door—as email.

Email filtering tools stop those links from ever making it to your employee’s inboxes in the first place. This always on, 24/7 monitoring tool uses AI-assisted technology to quickly identify suspicious emails. That’s whether it’s emails coming from a master list of known bad actors, spam or phishing attacks, or just out-of-the-ordinary for the employee’s standard behavior.

When suspicious emails are identified, they are quarantined to a cloud-based location outside of your systems to be analyzed. This eliminates the potential for these bad links to deposit malware in your systems.

The benefits of Internet and Email Security

Anytime you keep bad links from tempting your employees/vendors/customers using your networks, that’s a win. But the benefits of email filtering have farther reaching business implications than you might think. Here’s just a few of the business benefits you’ll get from investing in this crucial cybersecurity tool:

If a natural disaster destroyed your server room, what would happen to your data?

Would an outage expose you to any data loss? How fast would your backups kick in?

Does your backup cover all your data, or do you rely on cloud storage from productivity apps?

Is your backup secure? Does the storage of data meet regulatory standards you may be held to?

Worry free email spam filtering maintenance, delivered

At Integris, we provide comprehensive management for your email filtering system, so your system never goes down.

Our white-glove installation and maintenance program covers all aspects of the filtering system, offering: 


  • Protection against malware, phishing and links to known bad sites 
  • 24/7 monitored solution eliminates administrative headaches 
  • Local staff installs, maintains, and upgrades your systems  
  • Round the clock help desk 
  • Logging and reports

The Vital Role of Backup and Disaster Recovery in Responsible IT Architecture

At Integris, we prioritize a comprehensive security approach that encompasses nine fundamental tools to ensure Responsible IT Architecture standards are met. A robust Backup & Disaster Recovery plan is a critical component of this approach.

Our team emphasizes the importance of integrating all nine security tools in a synchronized manner to create a layered security system that surrounds your network. It doesn’t matter if these tools are from our collection or your existing network; what matters is that they meet the standards of regulators and cyber insurers while also aligning with your network’s security requirements.

We will collaborate with you to ensure that your backup strategy is functioning effectively and synergistically with your other security tools, thereby ensuring your company’s protection.

Learn more about Email Filtering

A spam filter with expert email analysis

Our spam filter technology monitors unique email characteristics that identify spam, dangerous content, and phishing schemes with unrivaled accuracy. Suspicious campaigns are quarantined until a rule can be made to block that piece of spam permanently.

Adaptive threat detection

Using greylisting and merit-based reputation analysis of IP addresses, senders, and recipients, our spam filter technology defends against network-based attacks such as DoS and DHA.

Sender reputation tracking

Each email sender obtains a merit-based reputation based on history and message characteristics. With each email, our spam filter technology analyzes the sender’s reputation to identify and block spam.

Outbound threat detection

Email delivery is critical for business. Integris’ antispam technology also identifies infected computers that are converted into zombie, or botnet, clients. Botnet attacks can result in your network being black-listed by other spam filters, preventing legitimate email sent by anyone in your network from reaching its intended recipient.

Stop Email-Borne Threats with Integris Spam Email Filter

If your company’s email accounts are riddled with spam or malicious emails, it’s time to invest in spam email filter services. Get peace of mind knowing that you are keeping hackers at bay and your employees will no longer be subject to potential email phishing scams. Speak with one of our IT consultants today to see which spam filter for email service best fits your organization’s needs and requirements.

Benefits of Spam Email Filter Services

  • Keeps hackers from gaining access to your system
  • Saves time and increases productivity
  • Protects against viruses and malware
  • Can be customized to meet your individual needs
  • Easily scalable based on the number of users

Deploy More Business Security Solutions

In addition to Integris’ spam filter for email solutions, we offer a full suite of other advanced managed cyber security services including: 

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