Email Archiving

Seamlessly preserve and access while enforcing compliance with Email Archiving.

Our Email Archiving technology utilizes industry-standard best practices to index and back up messages.

Integris Email Archiving service is a complete and affordable solution that enables you to effectively index and preserve all emails, enhance operational efficiencies, and enforce policies for regulatory compliance. Our Email Archiving technology utilizes industry-standard best practices to index and back up messages for seamless access by administrators, auditors, and end-users. This product class is extremely relevant in today’s business world, as it provides storage and knowledge management, end-user productivity, regulatory compliance, and litigation assistance.

Increase Server Space

Integris Email Archiving service copies years of messages for storage and indexing to help meet compliance standards and industry regulations. In addition, this service can help you save space on your current email server by providing an archive to search for old emails on our dedicated email archiving server.

Industry-Leading Search Engine

Our Email Archiving service provides a search engine that can query large volumes of archived data by content, including any attachments and metadata. It’s designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Messages are ranked by relevance to satisfy the user’s search criteria. Users will also have the capability to sort the reports according to user-specific requirements, such as size, date, time, etc.

Safe, Secure, and Reliable

Compudyne’s Email Archiving service is a flexible, scalable, and robust solution that integrates seamlessly with all leading email applications. Our technology provides the same safe, secure, and reliable end-user experience regardless of the platform configuration. The front-end is delivered seamlessly over HTTPS and users are authenticated against LDAP or locally-defined accounts.

Retain Your Credibility

Our Email Archiving service retains a copy of messages and their associated metadata in real-time. The messages retrieved demonstrate a full chain of communications. This is more credible than data retrieved from servers and backup tapes, which may not show a full record, as deletions and alterations are possible.

Key Benefits of Email Archiving:

  • Never lose an email again – every message sent or received is accessible in seconds
  • Streamline mail server performance – securely storing messages on a separate server frees up space on your mail server
  • Slash time and cost of formal investigation – retrieve files in minutes
  • Avoid potential disputes – easy access to irrefutable proof of what was written

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