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Choose Alarm System Usage and Technical Questions

Arm and Disarm


  • To arm in STAY mode,when you are not leaving the premises,enter your [security code] + [3].
  • To arm in AWAYmode, when you are leaving the premises, enter your [security code] + [2].
  • To arm in MAXIMUM mode, when no one will be in or around the premises for long periods of time, enter your [security code] + [4].


  • To disarm, enter your [security code] + [1].


  • The Ademco Vista 20P operates on a 4 or 7 amp hour 12v sealed battery.
  • Loss of AC power and use of backup battery power is indicated by NO AC.
  • A low battery condition is indicated by BAT.

Bypass Protected Areas

Bypassing a zone allows you to arm your system with certain protected areas intentionally unarmed or to access a protected area when the system is armed.

  • To bypassa zone, enter your [security code] + [6] + [zone number].
  • Once the panel displays “BYPASS”, arm the system as usual.
  • To display all bypassed zones, press [6].
  • To unbypass a zone, disarm the system.

Change Date and Time

To change the time and date settings:

  • To change date and time settings, enter your [security code] + [#] + [6] + [3].
  • Wait until time/date are displayed, then press [*] to move the cursor ahead and [#] to move back.
  • Enter the 2-digit hour and minute settings, i.e., [06] and [17] for 6:17.
  • Press [1] for PM or [0] for AM.
  • Continue to enter 2-digit year, month, and day settings, i.e., [15], [08], and [23] for August 23, 2015.
  • To exit, press [*] when the cursor is on the last digit.

Chimes and Beeps

When your system is in chime mode, a chime alert will sound three tones whenever a protected door/window is opened.

  • To turn chime mode on and off, enter your [security code] + [9].
  • To turn voice chime mode on and off, press [#] + [0] + [2] + [4]. Voice chime can only be activated when chime mode is on.


To silence an alarm and to clear memory of an alarm event, enter the [security code] + [1] sequence twice.

Security Codes

Your system will allow different security codes for use by other users, however only the Master user or Partition Programmer can assign user codes to users.

  • To program a new user,enter your [Master/Partition Programmer code] + [8] + [user number] + [new user’s code].
  • To delete a user code, enter your [Master/Part. Prog code] + [8] + [user number] + [#] + [0].

Trouble Conditions

Trouble conditions are indicated by the word CHECK and continual beeping from the touchpad. Any key will silence the beeping. A display of CHECK + zone no. may indicate that a problem requires your attention. Check the specified zone area, close any open doors or windows and enter your security code and press [OFF]. If your system includes wireless sensors, the CHECK condition may be caused by some change in the environment of the protected area.

To silence trouble beeps, press any key or enter your security code and press [OFF].

My keypad shows a number, what does this mean?

On most systems, numbers represent corresponding sensors that are not ready to be armed. You can usually clear numbers from your keypad by double checking all of your monitored doors and windows.

If your keypad displays a number and BAT or Battery, this means that you have a sensor with a low battery.

My keypad displaysbF. What does that mean?

bF (which also looks like 6F on some keypads) is an error code indicating that your wireless GSM unit may not be communicating with a wireless tower. Customer Service can assist you in making your GSM unit reconnect to a tower.

Why does my keypad displayBATorBattery?

This can be caused by a power outage, flipped breakers, or your system may have been unplugged. Your keypad may continue to display the same message after power has been restored. This indicate that your battery is recharging. If the same message remains on your display after 72 hours, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

My system is beeping. Why?

Your Choose security system should very seldom produce any beeping noises. If you hear a beeping look for likely culprits first. Microwaves, mobile phones and store-purchased smoke detectors can make a beeping sound. If the beeping is not coming from one of these devices, check your keypad. Your Choose system will tell you if something is wrong. If there is nothing displayed on your keypad, the beeping is not coming from your security system.

My system needs to be put on test.

To place your system on test, reach us by phone at 1-316-928-8800.

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