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We understand the importance of data storage and healthcare-specific technology.

Spend time with your patients, not your IT, with managed IT services

How much money is your practice losing when you’re sweating all those IT details? How much time do you spend…

On the phone, trying to coordinate all your equipment, networking, and EMR vendors?

Worrying over your patient data security — if you’re doing the right things to stay compliant and vigilant?

Getting buried by the daily details of IT, from software licensing, to onboarding, to service requests?

Watching the clock, wondering how long until your service guy comes out to fix what breaks?

Whether you’re running a small physician practice, or a larger healthcare organization, daily IT headaches can add up fast. Why spend your precious administrative time managing your IT infrastructure, when you don’t have to?

Let Integris be your collaborative IT partner. We offer scalable IT solutions that can take your IT infrastructure management completely off your plate. Our locally-based IT team understands the tech demands of healthcare IT. We give you the tools work productively, while keeping your critical patient data locked up tight.

We’re a HIPAA Certified MSP

It’s not enough to work with an MSP that “says” they understand HIPAA. Medical providers are required to work with data vendors that are HIPAA certified. In fact, any vendor who comes into contact with your data must be HIPAA certified, even if the data they see is encrypted.

That’s why maintaining our HIPAA certification is so important to us. Each year, our entire organization is independently audited, and re-certified for our ability to safely handle HIPAA sensitive patient data. You’ll never have to worry that your practice isn’t handling safe data handling protocols. We set you up with tools, security training, and systems to stay one step ahead of your regulatory requirements.

Managed IT Services for healthcare, delivered at scale

Our healthcare managed service plans are billed by user, so you’ll always have one predictable IT bill every month, scaled to your size and budget. With our comprehensive, white-glove service, you’ll eliminate the expense of an internal IT department, too. Integris can provide you with all the services you need to manage your systems, from strategic planning, through execution. This includes things like…

System design and networking

Software license management

Cabling and phone systems

Hardware procurement and inventory

On-site systems maintenance

US-based, 24/7 help desk

Cloud backup & disaster recovery

HIPAA compliant cybersecurity stack

Staff cybersecurity training

System monitoring and patching

Cybersecurity reporting and compliance

Your healthcare IT partner

Consulting services come standard when you work with Integris. All our managed service clients are assigned a locally based virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) who manages your account.

Your vCIO will handle all your assessments, project management, infrastructure development, and compliance efforts. You’ll never worry about falling behind, because your vCIO will be one step ahead of the updates and upgrades you’ll need. We’ll conduct regular system audits and create a strategic IT roadmap that will help you future-proof your organization.

Vendor management for healthcare

Offload the hassles of equipment management to us. We’ll work with your vendors to ensure your equipment is working and securely connected to your data networks. We handle it all, coordinating installations, maintenance, and cabling. When your systems go down, call us first.

Local service, backed by a 24/7 national network

At Integris, we staff offices across the nation, each of them operationally mature, and dedicated to serving their local business community. When you call us during business hours, our highly trained local service engineers manage your service tickets.

Need us on weekends or after hours? No problem! After-hours care is handled by our national network of highly trained, US-based IT experts. We take your calls 24/7, whether they’re simple user-based questions, or larger emergencies.

Best of all, your locally-based vCIO and dedicated engineering team will conduct onsite visits several times a year to check the health of your systems.

Private cloud servers

Protecting your practice from outages and breaches

Our comprehensive cybersecurity stack is custom designed to meet your unique usage needs and compliancy requirements. With Integris, your cybersecurity will always be one step ahead of hackers—and the requests from regulators and cyber risk insurers, too. We only offer the best, gold-standard cybersecurity tools, and handle all the monitoring, documentation, and reporting for you.

When the worst happens and your systems are down, we craft disaster recovery solutions so your systems can get up and running again in minutes. No data is ever lost, or outside a HIPAA-compliant environment.

Staff cybersecurity training

It’s a big lift, training employees how to be careful around HIPAA protected information, and how to avoid increasingly sophisticated phishing and hacking scams. Integris can make cybersecurity simple—with customized online security for every member of your staff. Delivered in convenient monthly modules, we test employees each month for comprehension, track performance, and generate the reports you need to show to regulators. With a well-trained, security conscious staff, you can eliminate more than 80 percent of your breach threats.

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Ready to learn more?

At Integris, IT expertise is never more than a phone call away. We’d love to meet and show you how Integris can be your healthcare MSP partner. Contact us now and set up a free consultation.

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