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People trust you, and that’s why you trust us. We’re cutting-edge cyber risk experts that will help protect your financial institution from downtime, breaches, technological frustration, lost revenue, and damaged reputation.

Reduce downtime and end frustration with 24/7/365 support

You and your team work hard, and every minute of downtime costs you. With our fully managed IT support for , you get unlimited 24/7/365 support. No more late-night email emergencies that can only be resolved in the morning.

Our support comes through an all-inclusive monthly subscription, making it easy to maintain control over your budget while still getting all the IT support you need.

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Enterprise-grade security and compliance

You deal with confidential client data on a daily basis, and a breach could be disastrous. We help protect you with the highest security standards.

Integris is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, a stringent cybersecurity standard that only 5% of MSPs have earned. You have access to a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), who can help you stay on top of industry regulation and compliance needs like NYDFS.

Our financial institution clients consider us part of their team

“We contacted Integris as we were having issues with our Exchange server for months. We contacted Integris and they were able to help us in few hours. They logged into the Exchange server and they were able to find the problems and recommended the solutions to us. The team at Integris is very professional. They followed up with us after the issue was resolved.”
Deepti P. Credit Union of New Jersey
“Everyone on their team is customer service-driven. There’s consistency among their staff in terms of philosophy.”
Gail S. ColumbiaNational Real Estate Finance

Strategy to propel your financial services forward with technology

With our fully managed services, you get IT Consulting services from our team. Your vCIO will provide expert, high-level technology consulting to keep your firm competitive for the future — including vendor/software management and technology strategy and budgeting.

Support for your financial institution software and applications

We support and manage the specific applications that keep your financial institution running.

financial institution IT Support Case Study

Learn how a hedge fund stayed on top of regulation and stayed efficient with Integris.

The Company

A hedge fund financial services firm specializing in building long-term relationships between alternative investment offerings and institutional investors, with an impressive 25+ year history of forging successful funds. This firm focuses exclusively on raising assets from the institutional investment community, including endowments, foundations, banks, insurance companies, consultants and others.

The Problem

Long-standing businesses have reputations to maintain. A big part of doing so involves maintaining a highly effective working environment for staff to engage with clients in a timely and meaningful way. Such output requires employment of a high-level strategic partner with a thorough understanding of their daily cybersecurity and compliance requirements, which were being largely ignored by their outsourced IT partner.

The Solution

We helped this firm create a strategy to stay on top of the ever-changing compliance requirements (such as GDPR and NYDFS) to prevent them from falling behind and risk being fined. Armed with a refined tasks itinerary developed with Integris, our CISO and vCIO meet regularly with the firm’s executive team to ensure that the network and processes surrounding their IT are up-to-date with the latest in compliance trends, as well as seamlessly integrated with their business’s daily operations.

Start the conversation with a strategy meeting.

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