Managed IT Consulting Services

Accelerate your business with IT consulting services

Aligning your business technology with future goals is essential—and security-forward technology enablement is critical. Integris helps you leverage secure IT systems to drive the success of your mission.

Address risk and competition with strategic IT consulting

Organizations that take a strategic approach to technology and security better finesse competitive pressures, regulatory concerns, and legal risk. SMBs, midmarket companies, and enterprises have options to bundle, expand, or select single function IT consulting solutions:

vCISO Consulting Services

By leveraging vCISO thought leadership, you equip your organization to navigate and finesse non-stop cybersecurity complexity.

Business Continuity

Proactive planning and business continuity strategies to keep your business functioning no matter what type of disaster hits.

Project Services

Implement operational and security enhancements recommended by our consultants.

Organizations partner with Integris for managed IT consulting to supercharge their business

“They’ve made my life and job easier; I don’t have to think about IT anymore because I know Integris has my back. I call them whenever our clients have questions about our security or when something goes wrong with our systems.” 

IT consulting can grow your business

Integris managed IT consulting provides operational and security leadership to close technology and compliance gaps, streamline your business, and fuel growth.

Strategic IT blueprint and budget

Develop a technology plan with a realistic budget and concrete business objectives to advance your mission.

Navigate IT risk, audits, and compliance

We’ll guide you through the complexities of risk management by reducing exposure and liability from cybersecurity threats, regulatory audits, and frequently shifting compliance demands.

Scale IT capabilities as you grow

Systematically help you plan for intelligent growth—new business launches, upcoming expansions, hybrid work solutions, M&A, and more.

IT consulting for small, medium, and large businesses

Integris has the knowledge and expertise to deliver IT consulting that fits the scale and needs of your business—whether you’re a smaller organization looking for a wide range of consulting services and manpower to back it up, or a larger business seeking support for certain pieces of the puzzle.

With limited IT budgets, many small to medium-sized businesses can’t justify hiring a full-time CIO or CISO. Midmarket companies and enterprises have similar resource challenges. They may have full-time CIOs and CISOs, but their in-house IT teams need extra hands for projects, application expertise, and IT management tools.

Enter Integris IT consulting services. You’ll have access to cost-effective fractional vCIO and vCISO services and a portfolio of add-on IT offerings to help you thrive.

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Integris IT consulting services: what would your business need?

Generally speaking, vCIOs focus on delivering high quality IT systems to drive business value while vCISOs ensure these systems are protected. While both roles have some overlapping responsibilities, vCISOs are ultimately responsible for assessing the fitness of IT system to meet compliance and risk reduction standards.


• IT productivity strategy
• Technology reviews
• Infrastructure strategy
• Standardization and licensing
• Planning and budgeting
• Evaluating new technology


• Manage your risk and reduce legal exposure
• Operationalize your security program
• Establish metrics to ensure performance
• Conduct monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews
• Vet practices of vendors to ensure standards
• Analyze new software/platforms, identify risks
• Support the continuous maintenance, monitoring, and development of the program

Benefits of Integris IT consulting

Integris managed IT consulting provides operational and security leadership to close technology and compliance gaps, streamline your business, and fuel growth.

Predictable monthly fees

Together we’ll plan the work and work the plan by following a business-strategy forward IT budget – transparent and predictable so you enjoy operational excellence and avoid surprises.

Strong partnerships

As a national Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) and MSP, we have volume discount buying power through gold-level partnerships with the industry’s leading hardware, software, and cloud security providers.

Increased business focus

Planning, implementing, and prioritizing IT and security projects can be overwhelming. With IT consulting services from Integris, we’ll lighten your load so you can focus on what matters.

Managed IT consulting locations

Integris has a national footprint with coverage and boots on the ground in over 15 markets.

Office workers busy at their desks in a modern cubicle workspace.

Keep your business on track

Our team of credentialed IT consultants work with businesses to enhance operations and optimize cybersecurity every day. By creating strategies tailored to your unique requirements and assisting with implementation, we’ll give you leverage to exceed your performance goals.

Did you know? Integris is SOC 2 Type 2 certified — an extensive examination that few MSPs obtain.

IT consulting resources

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Managed IT consulting FAQ

What is IT consulting?

IT consulting services are outsourced technology services provided by consulting firms, managed services providers (MSPs), and managed security services providers (MSSPs). IT consulting services may be bundled into an MSP agreement or purchased as single function monthly subscriptions or blocks of hours.

How do managed IT consulting services work?

IT consulting services include but are not limited to vCIO, vCISO, staff augmentation services, procurement, and a portfolio of monthly subscriptions:

• Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Email Security
• Internet Security and Content Filtering
• Managed Detection and Response
• Network Security Management
• Project Management Services
• Security Awareness Training
• Vulnerability Management

Think of IT consulting as scalable strategic IT leadership, available on demand.

A vCIO will collaborate with your IT department to:

• Formulate strategic IT goals
• Plan the IT budget
• Plan disaster recovery and business continuity
• 3rd party technology research and software evaluations and consultation
• Analyze, and rework business processes related to IT
• Facilitate technology change
• Regularly schedule technology business reviews

A vCISO provides all the benefits of expert-driven cybersecurity governance, at a scale, helping companies in three primary areas.

Policies, Procedures, and Plans:

• Create resilience strategies for business continuity
• Comprehensive security documentation set for reviews by regulators and cyber risk insurers
• Establish procedure to support policies for onboarding/offboarding, device security, etc.
• Respond quickly and consistently to cybersecurity incidents, with defined roles and responsibilities for each member of the response team

Regulation, Compliance, and Cybersecurity Frameworks:

• NIST (national standard framework)
• ISO 27001 (leading international standard)
• CMMC (for DoD contractors)
• SOC (independent audited framework)
• HIPAA (healthcare)
• Sarbanes–Oxley (financial institutions)


• Perform reviews and analyze gaps
• Write yearly development plans and budgets
• Make recommendations for controls, tools, or upgrades
• Oversee lifecycle management for your cybersecurity tools and platforms

How are IT consulting services different than managed IT services?

Managed IT services typically refers to “fully” managed IT services, which typically include security, monitoring, management, and support of a company’s IT systems and users for a fixed, and predictable, monthly fee. In contrast, IT consulting services may be included with managed IT services or purchased separately as individual line items, billed monthly as subscriptions, or sold in hourly blocks.

What should I expect from IT consulting services?

Consulting IT services will help you solve many common business problems. With solid IT strategy and compliance guidance, SMBs, Midmarket, and Enterprise clients:

• Save time, money, and increase profitability.
• Improve team morale.
• Reduce employee frustration and IT staff burnout.
• Solidify defenses against data breaches, ransomware attacks, and legal exposure.
• Lower cybersecurity and compliance risk.
• Prevent the loss of knowledge, certification expertise, and skill sets from departing IT employees.
• Leverage best in class tools and onshore help desk with partnership level support.
• Refocus internal IT resources on mission-critical, strategic endeavors.

What businesses are a good fit for IT consulting?

Businesses with the following profile are a good fit for IT consulting:
• Rely on their IT infrastructure to properly support their daily business processes, staff, and clients.
• Consider technology a business differentiator.
• Understand the value of mature operations, which ultimately translates to predictable outcomes and improved risk management.
• Expect high availability, efficiency, and productivity, which can only be achieved by proactive technology planning and actions.
• Value reputation in a marketplace and understand that reputational risk, if not managed, can potentially erode public trust in the business.
• Do not have sufficiently trained staff, expertise, or time to formally deal with proper maintenance, updates, and repairs.
• Prefer to pay one monthly, flat fee for services for a premium level of service quality to the business.

How do I find good IT consultants?

There are several ways to find reputable IT consultants. Independent review sites like Clutch conduct independent, third-party reviews with real clients (full disclosure, Integris has 4.9 stars on Clutch). You can also ask trusted business associates and partners for their IT consultant recommendations.

Start the conversation with a Discovery Session

Let’s discuss IT strategy, services, and business solutions. Or any other high-priority technology and compliance concerns in a brief Discovery Session.

We look forward to learning about your organization, sharing our process, and providing value, early and often. Integris is here to help.