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Cybersecurity: Your Secret Edge

October 27, 2021

Start thinking about cybersecurity as a business differentiator. Forget the scare tactics, forget the necessary evil. We want to change the conversation around cybersecurity. Find out how in-depth defense doesn’t just protect your business and reduce your risk, but also sets you apart from the competition. Learn how to invest in cybersecurity to grow your business.
Worker holds out a snake for guests

Irvine Nature Center

August 5, 2021

We enjoyed getting a closer look at Irvine Nature Center’s Animal Ambassadors in an unforgettable, family-friendly experience.

Team members and clients talking and shooting balls at Topgolf

Edison Topgolf

July 15, 2021

Let’s face it, we all had a tough year. So we thought it was best we get back into the SWING of things. We had the pleasure of networking with like-minded professionals while enjoying some BBQ and taking a swing into the open field, thanks to Edison Topgolf. We can’t wait to see everyone next time.

Incident Response: Prepare with a Plan

April 29, 2021

Every day hackers wake up with one job: Steal your information. These criminals want your private digital assets that show how you make money. They then use that, and any other information they can get their hands on, to use against you. A cyberattack has a lot more consequences for a business than just releasing someone’s social security number.

What is your strategy for an incident? What are your steps to mitigate incidents? What will you do if your company ever faces a breach?

Hear from our leading cybersecurity experts discuss how you can implement an incident response plan to protect your business from a breach.

Audio: The Future of Content Marketing

March 25, 2021

A podcast can reach an audience wherever they are — in the car, while they are making lunch, or even during a workout. The demand for audio content continues to gain popularity, as seen by the rise of podcasts and apps like Clubhouse.

What does this mean for your marketing strategy as a small or medium-sized business?

Hear from our panel of podcast hosts with backgrounds in three different industries discuss why they started their own podcast, how it helps them drive conversations, and what meaningful content comes out of it.

Work Securely From Anywhere

February 25, 2021

Be productive and work securely from wherever you are, on any device. Simplify meetings and calling with your team, as well as your partners and clients. And most importantly, secure your business with technology you can trust. Learn how to enable secure remote work with a set of Microsoft 365 solutions and tools.

Meet, Call and Chat from Anywhere with Microsoft Teams

January 28, 2021

Without being in the physical office, your landline phone system probably remains untouched. Learn how to add flexibility and scalability to your remote work environment with the Teams Calling & Meetings solution that easily integrates into your existing infrastructure. Call from anywhere, anytime.

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