Case Study – Upgrading for the Future

A marketing company upgrades for the future with Integris.

When CMA decided to go digital, they realized their technology needed a boost too.

The issue

Expanding the company means expanding the technology

Creative Marketing Alliance is a marketing company in Princeton, NJ. They had begun expanding the company from it’s traditional marketing origins into a digital marketing company. That meant improving their technology infrastructure.

Only 25% of employees had remote access because of outdated server and computer hardware elements. Their VOIP phone system functioned on a T1 line that supported phones and computers, resulting in days of phone outages at a time and spotty online connectivity. And they needed to integrate an acquisition in the mix as well.

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Cybersecurity Domain Computer Services

The Solution

Smart upgrades across the board for a successful partnership

Integris developed a plan to address issues at a pace and budget that matched CMA’s needs. The most pressing matters – in terms of both security and usability for staff – were addressed first, with CMA’s vCIO working closely with the leadership at CMA to accomplish projects with minimal interruption or delays.

Upgrades for remote abilities and less headaches

We upgraded their server as a cloud solution that did not fit into the budget. We implemented a robust backup system and a tiered workstation replacement program coupled with onsite and remote managed services. The result: 50% reduction in problem tickets as well as greater efficiencies for the team.

An updated phone system ends spotty connections

We divided phones and computers into two lines, and analyzed CMA’s needs vs. availability, as well as vendor capabilities. As a result, they have not had to replace the phone system – with no shareed/missing phones, and no spotty connections.

Integrating an acquisition near seamlessly

Due to the foresight of the Integris vCIO and staff, the acquisition relocated into CMA’s building, established their IT and phone systems and increased bandwidth needs directly into the new infrastructure.

The result

Better equipped for the future with Integris

“This was completed over a two year time period with a financial acumen that allowed us to expand our staff by 10%. Today, in-tandem with our VCIO we develop budgets for the coming year, and continue to evaluate our SWOT and prepare for future needs. The Integris IT team has allowed me to focus on the growth of CMA as well as product solutions for my clients. In short, they made our company vision a reality through their technology know-how and client dedication.”

– Christian Amato, President, Creative Marketing Alliance

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