12 days of technology, Day 12: Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


December 16, 2016

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This holiday season, MyITpros is doing all the shopping for you! Whether you’re technically savvy or not, we’ve got 12 awesome gadgets picked out that are sure to make you the gift-giving hit of the season!

What it is: Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

This wouldn’t be a technology series if we didn’t mention the biggest phone release of 2016. Apple debuted the sleekest, most high-tech version of the iPhone series thus far in the form of its new iPhone 7 (4.7-inch display) and iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inch display).

The iPhone 7 enclosure is splash- and water-resistant, and the phone boasts a seamless unibody. There’s also an all-new home button that is highly pressure-sensitive, customizable and uses an advanced fingerprint sensor.

What’s more, the phone’s dual-camera setup shoots as one, giving you 12mp wide-angle and telephoto options, a newly-designed portrait mode and some pretty aggressive zooming (digital zoom up to 10x and optical zoom up to 2x). The iPhone 7 also uses a new, wide color gamut to deliver cinema-standard colors, offers 3D touch features and has a display that is 25% brighter than before.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are twice as fast as the iPhone 6, with a longer battery life and a new stereo speaker system that is twice as loud as the iPhone 6’s. In one of its most widely talked-about decisions, Apple has eliminated the audio jack and introduced wireless AirPods with a lightning detector (but don’t worry: A 3.5mm headphone jack adapter is included if you want to listen through your old headphones). With a new jet-black finish, the iOS 10 software and the fastest LTE available, the newest iPhone is a tech dream!

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How much it costs: $649 for the iPhone 7 and $769 for the iPhone 7 Plus

While these phones carry the heftiest price tag of the items featured in our 12 days of technology, Apple gives you the option of joining the iPhone Upgrade program, which allows you to pay $32 or $37 per month on a payment plan. As well as getting the phone itself, you also receive EarPods with Lightning connector, a Lightning-to-USB cable, a power adapter and a Lightning-to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter. You can buy the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus directly from Apple, and they are also available for purchase through almost all major retailers.

Who to buy it for: The tech-crazed, iPhone-addict in your life

We all know that one person who is always upgrading to the latest and greatest device. Help them out this year by hooking them up with arguably the coolest phone on the market right now – provided they are an Apple user, of course! Any holiday will be happy for someone who unwraps this gift!

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