Level3 Suffering Major Outage


August 28, 2015

Yesterday 8/27/2015, Level3 networks (level3.com) apparently had a serious, nationwide outage of their portion of the Internet backbone, causing access to websites and cloud servers to be somewhat iffy, to all the way unavailable.

Sites such as Yahoo Mail, PSN, Xbox Live, Outlook, BT, Twitch, HBO Go, Craisgslist and many others rely on Level3 for backbone or primary services, leaving users of these networks screaming for help, or just going home to Smart TVs which were no longer smart, and game consoles that were suddenly single-user systems.

A picture from the neowin.net site showed the level of serious outages they have experienced. Orange is the higest level of issue, and it was systemic and widespread.

This outage cascaded to other networks depending on their network, causing outage reports from carriers all over the internet.

They Tweeted at 1:35 pm on August 27th that, “We are experiencing service disruptions affecting some of our customers in North America. Our techs are working to restore services.”

Expect continued delays and outages. Level3 is not being very forthcoming about what is going on, or how users should handle it.

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