Never Ever Have a Computer Virus Again


July 19, 2013

Sometimes a second opinion is just better than taking one opinion at face value, even a very trusted opinion. Sometimes, even a third opinion has the answer you have been looking for.

We realized that we needed a second and even a third or fourth opinion to reach our goal. If we are going to really server our customers, we need to eliminate the pain, downtime and lost money due to virus and malware infections. We really had to try to make every network we support, completely virus free. To do this, would take a layered approach, multiple tools, and not just tremendous tools, but really great thinking.

Our method has grow over the years, and now you can know the secret sauce.

Have users not be Administrators on their own PC. This one step eliminated at least 1/2 of the infections we saw. We let people know an administrative password on their own PC for installing apps, and doing minor admin things, but having them run in User Mode is the most powerful thing we do.
Have the systems fully patched, as quickly as possible. Almost every virus attacks a vulnerability vector. Eliminate these, and those attacks can’t succeed.
Run really great Anti-Virus Software, update it dailly, and monitor its progress. We have been through 6 anti-virus programs in 5 years, but the last 2 years with ESET has really done the trick for us.
Run a UTM (Unified Threat Management) firewall on every network boundary. This type of firewall acceses national databases for bad websites, opens and tests every packet that comes through it for Viruses, Attacks, Malware, Geo-Location, and much more, eliminating a whole set of attack and virus vectors.
This month we are adding a complimentary fifth layer, HitMan Pro to every desktop in our environment. (

This new tool will look for the things we often can’t see because they are so new, and remove them automatically if they land on a PC.

This is a fully licensed and complimentary version of the tool, that runs daily on your systems to make a second scan for malware.

We believe that with these kind of continued efforts at clean computing, we can see a time in the future when PCs can go their entire life without ever having a virus or malware infection.

Month to month, we continually add new tools and systems to our networks to make them bullet proof and powerful for you. So if you are not working with Integris, I guess my question for you is, “Why aren’t you choosing to work with a company like this?”

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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