Integris Virtual Discussion

The Insider’s Guide to Microsoft 365

Save Money and Boost Productivity with Your Favorite Platform

May 24, 12-1 CST (11-12 MST, 1-2 EST)

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Nearly every company has some form of Microsoft Office installed on their laptops. But did you know M365 can save you big on software expenses, and take your organization’s productivity to the next level? Office is more than just a handful of office basics—it’s a comprehensive productivity platform with a whole ecosystem of compatible apps, programs, and widgets.
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In our latest webinar, Integris Solutions Architect Chris Thorngren will show you all the M365 resources that most companies miss, including:

  • What is New Commerce Experience (NCE)?
  • How to consolidate your software under the M365 platform—and eliminate expensive duplicative programs
  • The functions most companies don’t know are available to them, free
  • Why M365 is your best internal communication tool
  • The M365 Marketplace—where to go to find compatible programs and buildouts
  • Case studies from companies who are taking it to the next level with M365

Could you be leaving money on the table, by only skimming the surface of what Microsoft Office 365 can do? Let Chris walk you through best practices for M365, today.