The weakest link in your security is your users.

That's why you need Security Awareness Training. A hidden factor to a successful security program: people.

Educate your team with Security Awareness Training

With 90% of successful network breaches caused by user error, end-user education is an essential component for security posture. All it takes is one employee clicking on a malicious link to put an entire organization at risk. With Integris Security Awareness Training, simulated phishing exercises, and end-user education ensures teams can identify suspicious activity and prevent cybersecurity incidents as they arise.

As more companies move to the cloud and involve the Internet in storage, transmission, and access for data, it’s critical for employees to embrace increasing security standards.

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How Cybersecurity Awareness Training works

A formal cyber awareness training process includes the following:

      • Understanding employee responsibilities in accessing and handling secure data.
      • Requirements for the transmission, storage, and potential destruction of this data.
      • How to establish the most secure passwords and the company’s authentication policy.
      • Understanding of security concerns like phishing, malware, viruses, etc.
      • Workplace physical security, including knowledge of who should have access and when.

What’s equally important is for employees to understand what can happen if just one team member fails in any of these areas. Employees are truly the first line of defense for any company, and it’s so easy for companies to arm employees with the proper tools to protect a company’s most sensitive asset: information. Avoid catastrophic consequences by outlining processes for Security Awareness Training.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    • Keeps all Users Up-to-Date with Cybersecurity Compliance Regulations
    • Avoids Widespread Downtime 
    • Reduces Threats and Breaches
    • Increases Customer Confidence 
    • Improves Employee Confidence 
    • Saves Money on Potential Lawsuits/Penalties


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Deploy Cyber Awareness and More for Your Business

In addition to our robust cybersecurity awareness training programs, we also provide additional managed cybersecurity services to keep your company up-to-date on all security requirements including:

Raise the Bar with Impactful Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber-crimes have increased by about 600%, making cyber awareness more important than ever. When you partner with Integris for security training, our team will influence your employee’s behaviors and focus on actions that can best mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities within your information system. There’s no doubt that cyber awareness programs are a good move for your company and will allow for fewer user errors.  

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