Legal IT Services

Legal IT Services

Integris provides managed IT services and systems that stand up to your threats and your deadlines.

You deserve an IT partner that understands the demands of a modern law practice

Your clients expect results. Your IT infrastructure gives you the tools to help make that happen. So why should you settle for anything less than white-glove, responsive IT service?

At Integris, we’ve built our name on working with legal practices, large and small. We understand the importance of quick-turn, 24/7 service, and the productivity you can gain with the software tailored to the legal industry. Even more than that, we know what it takes to protect your data, and train your staff to protect it, too.

“It started with a speeding ticket…”

Integris: a company founded on servicing law firms

Our roots are in legal IT. More than twenty years ago, our first client was a law firm. Our CEO, Rashaad Bajwa, traded IT services with a lawyer who helped him with a speeding ticket.

That lawyer recommended him to friends, and Rashaad quickly turned his company into a successful IT provider serving the legal industry. We’ve grown and broadened our client base (and changed our name since then), but our commitment to the legal vertical has only grown.

We deeply understand the pace, urgency, and platforms that come with the legal business.

A full suite of turnkey IT services, tailored for your practice

Integris offers premium products, delivered by highly trained local offices and a national service network. We pride ourselves on hiring the best, highly certified technical staff, and offering round-the-clock service. Come to us for:

  • US-based, 24/7 help desk
  • System design and networking
  • Strategic infrastructure planning and budgeting
  • Assistance with applications/reporting for cyber risk insurance
  • Software license management
  • Hardware/software management and inventory
  • Cabling and phone systems
  • On-site systems and server room maintenance
  • Cloud backup & disaster recovery
  • Compliant cybersecurity stack
  • Staff cybersecurity training
  • System monitoring, logging, and patching
  • Cybersecurity reporting and compliance

From fully managed packages to a la carte services, we’ve got the right solution for your size and budget

When you work with Integris, you can completely offload your IT function to us—or you can buy just the services you need. Either way, we’ll help you build efficiency into your practice.

Fully managed IT plans

Our fully managed packages include all the consulting you’ll need to keep your systems running. We’ll consult with you to find the best software solutions for managing legal documents and research, ensuring that your documents are encrypted and accessible, whether you’re working in the office, or remotely.

Most important of all, you’ll get the strategic development that’s our stock and trade—with regular gap assessments, infrastructure planning, and so much more. A fully managed package is scaled to the size of your organization, so you’re never paying for services you don’t need. You get the service and leadership you’d expect from an internal IT department, without the overhead of having to hire one.

A la carte services

Does your firm already have an IT department? Great! We love working with larger firms. We can work with your team to source the software, security and cloud solutions you need—even if that’s just one product.

We work seamlessly with your IT leadership and provide clear service agreements against the tools that you purchase. Consider Integris an extension of your team that can scale up or down, based on your needs.

Service at the Speed of Your Deadlines

We get it. Every document and piece of data you handle is high stakes. With Integris, our service department is set up to deal with the unique challenges of law offices.

Did a document bomb on you at 3 AM the day before trial? Call us. Our US-based, expert help desk can resolve your issues. If your network goes down, a tool malfunctions, or a natural disaster takes out your systems, your dedicated support team will be notified and on it within minutes. The combination of our national and local resources provides a level of service coverage few IT providers can match. We’d love to show you the Integris difference.

Legal IT services reviews:
Why our legal clients consider us part of their team

Senior-level IT leadership—always

At Integris, we believe service is what separates us from the competition. That difference starts at the top, with our technology leadership and strategic services.

vCIOs for law firms

All our full-service clients are assigned a vCIO—a virtual chief information officer that manages all aspects of your IT infrastructure. They’ll help you create a technology roadmap for your business, including an infrastructure strategy, budget, and proactive service plan with predictable results. They’ll help you manage your current systems and provide strategic direction on what to do next. With our vCIOs in your corner, you can consider your systems future-proofed.

vCISOs for law firms

For clients with heightened cybersecurity needs, our additional vCISO service can take your network security to the next level. These elite virtual chief information security officers are highly certified and have the expertise to find the threats and gaps in your systems. They’ll write policy, scour your system monitoring reports, and design a state-of-the-art cybersecurity protocol for your business. With Integris, you’ll have some of the best-trained experts in the industry on speed dial.

Responsible IT Architecture to keep your legal practice safe

At Integris, we believe every client deserves a system without security gaps. Part of our fully managed IT services requires implementing an up-to-date cybersecurity stack. This allows us to maintain a safe baseline with your system, so we can deliver the results you expect and deserve.

Do you already have the protections of a responsible IT architecture? Great. If not, we can supply these cybersecurity tools at an additional cost.

Cybersecurity in the office, or on the road

When you handle critical client data, gaps in your security is not an option. With Responsible IT Architecture, we’ll ensure you have the right blend of cybersecurity tools for your size, usage, and data type. We’ll ensure you’re compliant with all government-recommended requirements. We’ll make sure that your data is secure and encrypted from end to end, whether you’re working in your office or halfway around the world.

On our end, our SOC 2 Type 2 operations center works on a high level of data security. We’re even certified compliant for other industry-specific certifications, such as HIPAA for healthcare, or CMMC for manufacturing. We understand cybersecurity regulations for most industry verticals—something that should set your clients at ease.

Backup and disaster recovery

When your system isn’t working, neither are your people. You’re losing money—and often, precious data. Work with Integris, and we’ll make sure you’re covered when the worst happens.

We’ll analyze your traffic and usage patterns, creating a backup plan that’s custom tailored for you. Our highly secure cloud backup systems transfer your data seamlessly, allowing you to get back up and running in minutes, with barely a blip in your productivity. With Integris, your critical data is never lost.

IT leadership, near and far

Do you have a client that requires you to set up a temporary office in another city? Do you have a sudden influx of people or equipment needed for a trial far from your home office? We have the resources to help you.

With our national presence, we can handle those requests for temporary office setups. You’ll have all the equipment, networking, protections, and on-site service you need—guaranteed. Scale your practice up or scale it down. We’ve got the comprehensive IT solutions you need to get ahead.

Let us be a partner in your success

We’d love to talk to you about the future of your firm’s IT. Contact us for a free consultation!

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